Meteorites bringing new life forms to Earth

Ever heard the theory that life started on Earth millions of years ago from bacteria that made its way to the planet via Meteors?! Well, now, this theory is sounding more like a tangible fact. Alien microbes are finding their way from outer space to our big blue planet, Earth, and with an increasing number of meteors descending down our skies, evidence of a once wild theory is starting to sound more like fact. Could it be that we are aliens of our own planet? That life’s building blocks came from outer space? Sounds like science fiction, but according to researcher, Dr. Richard B Hoover, “This finding has direct implications to the distribution of life in the Cosmos and the possibility of microbial life on in liquid water regimes of cometary nuclei as the travel within the orbit of Mars and in icy moons with liquid water oceans such as Europa and Enceladus…” For all we know, the universe maybe repopulating Earth with newer, different species that we have yet to uncover.  With new like this, we must keep our eyes on what the heavens brings to us here on Earth.


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