With an increasing amount of laws being stripped from regular citizens of the US and the world, Joe Biden’s announcement of what he’s coined, “a one world government…” is rather alarming. With the president trying to promote restriction of guns and gun ownership (a direct attack on the 2nd Amendment of the constitution- the right to bear arms), a continual reduction of freedom by acts like SOPA, PIPA, and now CISPA which has moved on to the House floor for vote, and a continual threat from what the news media says North Korea continues to issue to the United States, things are looking rather dreary for citizens of America. It’s as if our own government is working against us. Why do we tolerate such acts that serve only those in power? Why are people keeping quiet? This nation was founded on the principles of Freedom and Justice and yet every day that passes, those very principles get trampled on. What will it take for people to wake up and really come to their senses and own up to the power they truly bestow? I pray that it’s soon, because things aren’t looking well even for an optimistic person like me. Unfortunately it seems that people rather live a lie than face the reality of it all. Check out the video above…

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