Hugo Chavez Dies

Bid farewell to the one president in the world who had the balls to publicly call George W. Bush the devil. When those famous words from his speech broke the news, I began to question to myself, why does everyone seem to hate the United States so much? What is it that we've done to deserve all this hatred? I researched the issue at hand and tried to see the other side of the coin... I even managed to listen to a very personal interview he gave to a news reporter which, in short, I found quite fascinating. He seemed like a very eloquent, well-spoken, knowledgeable man who was passionate about liberty and freedom... someone who refused to bow down to the American superpower, something Hussein tried to do, but failed once annihilated and removed from power. Many things could be said about Hugo Chavez, but a complacent, weak leader wouldn't be one of them. Farewell Hugo! You definitely rocked the world with your crazy, outspoken antics which I'm sure, won't be forgotten.

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