Fukushima Horror- Not Over?


New reports suggest that the Fukushima disaster is far from over. Reports from back in March indicate that since the disaster back in 2011, a total of 16.1 trillion becquerels of just cesium-137 are believed to have leaked into seawater not to mention tritium and strontium which remained oddly consistent. As much as 93 billion becquerels or radioactive substances are believed to still be pouring into the Pacific Ocean every single day. One commentator on an ENENews.com report on the issue stated, "These destroyed nuclear reactors are going to pop and sputter for thousands of years to come. Changes in the configuration of residual melted fuel remaining in and around the plants will create ongoing criticalities, with changing cooling water and groundwater flows."


Unfortunately, hot particles are carried in the jet stream as far as America and Europe. Plutonium has reached not only Tokyo, but as far away as Seattle, Washington and Lithuania in Central Europe. What's worse- the marine life in the ocean is being heavily affected. Radioactive contamination of algae from radioactive waste water or fallout becomes more potent in the process of being eaten by crustaceans, small fish, bigger fish, and then humans. Unfortunately, little information regarding this accident is being shared with the general population and by the looks of it, an end to this disaster is far from being reached.


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