One of my main focuses this year was to be more authentic in my presentation. Some of the things I enjoy include ease, affordability, comfort, and fashion. That being said, I’ve decided to:

1.)   chop off all my hair to make my day to day prep easier

2.)   reduce the amount of products I use (makeup, hair spray, etc...) and go with a more natural look

3.)   balance the masculine and feminine expression through my presentation

Being squeaky clean and trying to come off as perfect can be exhausting. Furthermore, while heels are sexy, I will only be using them on special occasions/presentations being that the benefits for your body are close to none. I’ve decided to own all of what I was attempting to mask and take care of my body even more while reducing my carbon footprint on this Earth and aligning more with who I am. Who knew that chopping off all your hair would be so liberating! Hope you guys enjoy this new Uli look. Stay tuned as many new things are sure to come!

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