One of the things I'm most proud of is that through my own hard work, I've been able to finance my own creative ventures. No one has given me anything. Even with limited budgets, I've been able to create solid deliveries. How major label backed artists' aren't able to create something powerful, catchy, & solid with all the support and resources (financial, creative, etc...) baffles me. While I am working on a lot of creative projects at the moment, no new photo sessions, videos, music, or ideas will be presented at this time. I've done enough to give investors and sponsors a taste of what I'm capable of creating. My question to them would be: What is it that you need & how much are you willing to pay me to deliver what you are attempting to achieve? 'Cause if you seek originality, freshness, & something unique, my #Goldn ideas are exactly what you need. #GoldN- best believe.

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