In February of 2018, I wrote a handful of songs which were intended to makeup the album I was planning to release on August 8th of this year. However, I’ve opted to go with the flow and since contributions on my IndieGogo campaign were scarce, I’ve decided to shelve this project. I’m nurturing NEW ideas I'm finding joy in doing instead of trying to force something to happen. My ultimate goal is to have fun while bringing them to life. Thankfully, I have created quite a catalog throughout the years and the NEW songs I've written, fortunately, are some of my best creations yet (lyrically, melodically, & production wise,) so I’m sure that in due time, they’ll see the light of day either through me or another artist. Priorities have changed, and I’m now going to be focusing and exploring other creative avenues that I find equally exciting. Nonetheless, writing will continue as I thoroughly enjoy playing around with words. Thank you for your continuous love and support!

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