"Saddle" Up

            “Saddle” was originally pitched to camps of R&B songstresses like Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, etc… however, no matter who I contacted, word never got back. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m not a well known Hollywood go-to writer, and that as an independent creative, I’ve yet to acquire major clout, nonetheless, I believe in this song so much I decided to release it as a single and with it, a visual to support it. Inspired by life and a lover of mine, this song effortlessly mixes in some love and sexual tension metaphors to help convey the message of saddling up and riding this wave called life. There is beauty in the ups and downs and all one can do is brace oneself, learn, and tag along for this journey. Shooting this video was very cathartic being that I FELT a necessity to bring to life these ideas that had been haunting me for about a year. I clearly remember that on this day in early April, a frivolous wind chill made it difficult to keep warm. By mid-day when the scenes near the lake were shot, I had warmed up a bit, but then, I had to fully submerse my body inside the frigid lake. Challenging as it was, the shots were successfully captured, and I’m extremely happy with the final result. Without further adieu, I hope you enjoy this first video of a trilogy to come. As a person who takes pride in calling oneself a creative visionary, the storyline I wrote for this video is one I’m very content with, so “Saddle” up, press play, and see if you, too, can unravel the message transmitted through this video. Remember- never stop doing what brings you joy, don't be afraid to express yourself and just be you! Caution: MUY CALIENTE!!! Have a great MONDAY!

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