Physical album is now available for Pre-Order EXCLUSIVELY via this website! Now you can get it before the scheduled digital release date of August 21st, 2015. Price: $6.99 + $3.00Shipping & Handling. Orders will begin to be shipped on July 6th, 2015 only within the US & Canada. Please include delivery address information in the comments section. As the underdog that I am, your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you! ^_^

There is no denying that us LGBT folks are special; we are vibrant, magical, and have an understanding for both male and female energies. We are the color in a black and white spectrum of light. We are rays of sunlight in what can sometimes be a dark world where we bring gifts to share with the world. When writing "Children of the Rainbow," I wanted to celebrate our essence. We bring color, we bring love, we bring change. Join me this June in our celebration by sharing the rainbow and helping show that together, we are a formidable force of nature. Let's make "Children of the Rainbow" the Pride Anthem all over the world this summer and stay true to our colors.

Physical Pre-Order: 6/26/15

Physical Album release EXCLUSIVELY available via my website: 7/6/15

Digital Pre-Orders available worldwide: 7/24/15

Digital release WORLDWIDE: 8/21/15


1. Children of the Rainbow
2. Compass
3. Forecast
4. Power
5. Stay With Me
6. Lonely
7. Guardian Angel
8. Suspended in Time 
9. Poach the Big Elephant
10. Ingredients
11. This is my Life (Play)
12. Lion & Deer
13. Empire

ALBUM TITLE: God's Gay Sun

TRACKS: 13 Songs

PRE-ORDER PURCHASE: July 24th, 2015

ALBUM RELEASE DATE: August 21st, 2015

SUBJECT; Love, spirituality, self empowerment

Vibrant, boldly self empowering, and emotionally raw


Here's the OFFICIAL Lyric video for my first single off of my up and coming release due in August of 2015. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!! ^_^ 

1st single off of my new album premieres 6/6/15; you ready?!

New single due in just a matter of days and IT'S AMAZING!!!! Get ready 'cause this go round we're going to do it like we've never done it before!!! Details on the up and coming album are about to slowly be divulged. Get ready!!!! d(^_^)b

NEW album in 2015... Expect it. d(^_^)b


1. Te Sigo Amando
2. Costumbres
3. Dos Gotas de Agua Feat Mom
4. La Derrota
5. Me Nace del Corazon
6. Tu Solo Tu
7. Volver, Volver
8. Secreto de Amor
9. Tristes Recuerdos
10. Tragos Amargos
11. El Rey

After listening to some old school Timbaland & Missy Elliott, I decided to do a remix to Missy's "I'm talking" off of her album Supa Dupa Fly. This REMIX is bound to get you craving for a new Missy & Timbaland track. So, hit play above and enjoy!!!

My seventh studio album and first Spanish album, "Reino Mexicano" navigates through hit songs that have influenced and helped give a deeper definition to what is the rich & vibrant Mexican culture. This album navigates through tunes that have been delicately written and produced to move the soul with it's flush compositions, colorful dynamics, and heartfelt lyrics. In it, I deviate from the Pop/Hip-Hop world and dive into the songs that have impacted my soul exposing range and emotion in a way I haven't as of yet. Can't wait to share what I've been working on!! Prepare to be surprised… Coming real soon! ^_^

SPANISH: Les comparto la portada de mi próxima disco en Español titulado "Reino Mexicano." En el ilustro canciones que han influido mi vida y que en esencia han sido muy importantes en la rica y vibrante cultura Mexicana. Orgullosamente hijo de padres Mexicanos, aprecio mucho lo que mis padres y mi familia me han inculcado. Espero muy pronto poder compartir con ustedes este nuevo proyecto que espero que les llegue al alma. Los quiero mucho y recuerden, hechen le muchísimas ganas a la vida. Que dios los bendiga. 

Fresh out of the studio... Hope you like my acoustic rendition of Sia "Titanium."

New video for my song "Addictive" off of my 2009 album "Frequencies of Brilliance..." Hope you enjoy it! ^_^

I have officially begun collecting experiences and seeking inspirations to write about for a new album I plan to release sometime next year. No worries- I still plan on marketing and promoting my latest effort - "6," but with that being said, I do promise to try to challenge myself artistically, lyrically, and creatively when bringing to life this new project I have begun working on. ^_^

Dancing to JLo's catchy "Booty."

Here it is!! Video for "Love Frontier" feat Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell in Ibiza's Departures. This video gives great imagery as to what essentially I'd love to create with the proper equipment and tools.The picturesque beautiful images of the ocean, the fireworks on the stage, and the energy captured in the video is perfection. Hope you love it as much as I!!!

28 years
10,220 days
245,300 hours
14,718,000 minutes
883,080,000 seconds

Another 365 day journey around the sun begins with every second of every day bringing a chance to start again. I currently find myself in Mexico enjoying a nice little vacation.. For this 28th year of my life, I can promise you this: the best of ULISES is yet to come. Thank you for your love and continuous support! I hope to successfully reciprocate that back to you! <3

It's important to me as an artist to never forget where I come from, and being that I'm very proud of my Mexican heritage, it would be unjust to neglect that part of me. I've decided to dig deep in my soul and expose another side of ULISES which very few people have witnessed. I've commenced the recording process for my 7th album, first Spanish one and am hoping to have it completely finished in a couple of months. I will be targeting a completely different market/audience with this project, but nonetheless, I hope to expose the beauty and richness of the Mexican culture that has influenced me so much throughout my life. One thing is certain, I most definitely am not a one trick pony; expect to be surprised. d(^_^)b

Next BIG project I'm taking on: a trailer of Ulises's journey towards musical destiny; it will showcase my artistic voyage, will present an in-depth, intimate view of Ulises's the creator, and will take you along this crazy orchestration of my personal life; will shoot it throughout the summer. Should hopefully be done sometime in Fall. *crosses fingers*  Title: "Ulises: The 2nd Coming." 

Album Release Party Red Carpet

Album release party was a SUCCESS!!! Performed a couple Ulises classics ("Unpredictable", "Need it", & "Larger than Life") as well as "Crescendo" off of my new album before finishing off with the Beatles's "Let it Be." My EP- "6" is now on iTunes!! Be sure to grab a copy!! ^_^

Album is offiically out NOW on Itunes and music stores worldwide... Plus, you can Shazam it as well!!! Check it out!! 

6 - EP - Ulises 

This morning, I woke up to an email from 32 year old Kacey Wallace from Brisbane, Australia who heard my song on an internet radio station she happened to be listening to during work. After notating the artist name, she googled Ulises & "Sodalicious" and came across my website where she downloaded the entire album for free. She then proceeded to make a video to this song, which she says she "LOVES," before picking up the kids from school. She said she has two kids, is happily married, and loves to dance. Since this put a smile on my face, I thought I'd share the video she sent me with you guys. Hope you like it as much as I did. Thanks Kacey!!! You ROCK!!!!

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