Europe 4 Vacation


I will be gone for from June to mid July and won't be updating my website much until after I come back from my European escapade. The best way to keep up with what's going on in the world of Ulises is by following me via Twitter and Instagram. Until then, feel free to browse around! Don't forget- be sure to download my latest album "The Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy" for FREE!!!


"Discovery of Sesliu Galaxy" Album Artwork


In less than 2 weeks, we'll depart and begin our journey towards "The Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy!" Almost here!! ^_^




That moment when you understand and make the decision that you will someday be up on a stage like that (above) in a venue just as big (if not bigger) performing to thousands of fans in a sold out concert who will not only be singing the lyrics to the songs you wrote, but enjoying the out-of-this-world performance my team and I have managed to orchestrate together. Last night at the Ricardo Arjona concert from our suite, I was reassured that I was biologically engineered for this....





While practicing a script last night, I had a realization... we are all, some more than others, unawarely participating in a monologue called life; at times, a dialogue. One is reading lines of a "scripted" act that we know not that it's scripted, thus giving our most genuine performance. The director, overseeing the ins and outs of every act, is always in control, and although we have the gift and privilege of making choices through free-will that could determine the outcome of certain "realities" while here, the play-out is ultimately all in the hands of the director. Every minute detail is so well arranged in this microcosm of a macro that when played out, one stands in awe at its magical execution. Life is not a rehearsal; the camera is always rolling and we're all actors on this stage called Earth. And this monologue I've chosen... I'm determined to give a performance that will echo in the realms of space; something, unforgettable.


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