Genre of EP: Urban Pop

Total tracks: 5

 Duration: 19 Minutes 

Release Date: June 24, 2016

Pre-order available: May 27, 2016




Expect to hear a NEW Ulises EP this summer. Trust me- IT's gonna be FIRE!! Can't wait to share this new record with you guys; details on the album will emerge soon!! Stay tuned! ^_^


What's Next?


There are many things in the works including new music, creative visuals, and many more surprises that are still in the early stages of development. I always try to challenge myself to create something superior to what I have birthed in the past by adding to my musical roster new additions that showcase how much I've grown not only as a human being but also as a creator. As an independent artist, it's imperative that I stay on my hustle constantly in order to help attain my artistic and creative goals. All I can say is 2016- I'm coming for ya full force!!! Stay tuned my friends! ^_^


Pandora Radio


You can now listen to Ulises music on Pandora radio!! Many of my songs are now streaming LIVE WORLDWIDE!!! Check it out and be sure to give it a THUMBS UP!! ^_^


Fun Facts


- "Forecast" was the first song to be recorded for my latest album
- "Power" was one of the most challenging (melodically & lyrically); I wanted to keep it fun but also give a "powerful" message
- Last song to record was "This is My Life"
- A total of 94 songs have been self released with many more hanging in the "vaults;" 11 Spanish and 83 English. (+ remixes)

Top 5 iTunes Ulises Tracks


The Top 5 ULISES selling tracks on iTunes are as follows:

1. Pink Panther
2. Unpredictable
3. Miss U Baby
4. Love Frontier
5. Shark in the Water

Album Now Available WORLDWIDE!!!


Now that the album is available worldwide, I wanted to share this video in which I discuss the inspiration behind each of the 13 songs of my latest album "God's Gay Sun." Don't forget to head on over to iTunes and download the album!! Hope you enjoy it!


Stream Album


You can now stream my NEW album "God's Gays Sun!" If you like what you hear, head on over to iTunes and pre-order it; scheduled release is 8/21/15. Thank you for your support. <3


Empire Season 2 Trailer Feat "Power"


Empire Season 2 Trailer featuring my song "Power" off of my latest album "God's Gay Sun" due to be released August 21st, 2015. Check it out above!!!!




After a 6 week long journey that commenced in Chicago, continued on to Europe (Mykonos, Santorini, Rome, Naples, Berlin, Paris, & London), and then ended in Salt Lake City, I must confess, it feels great to be back home!! Promoting "God's Gay Sun" was the main focus throughout this expedition and with just a couple weeks away till it's release, the independent campaign must continue and what better place than my hometown of Dallas, TX!! Dallas, I hope your ready 'cause I'm gonna knock on every door I come across!!! Your Pharaoh is here!! ^_^




After a two week trip in Europe where I was able to successfully promote my latest independent album "God's Gay Sun" scheduled for release on August 21st, 2015, I am happy to say that a Vlog of this trip will be available for viewership within the next month. I was able to capture a lot of great footage that will surely make an entertaining composition. For now, you can view my photo album of this trip via my Instagram: ulisesmusic. All I can say is that this is only the beginning; more special surprises scheduled to come with time. Thank you for your continuous support; LOVE you guys!!! <3




My album "God's Gay Sun" which is due to be released August 21st, 2015 is now available for Pre-Order WORLDWIDE on iTunes! As an independent artist, I sincerely appreciate all your support and hope you will continue to support me throughout this project. Thank you very much!!!!


Album Snippets


Listen to snippets of "God's Gay Sun" ABOVE!! This is definitely one of the best productions I've had the pleasure of releasing to date. It's mature, promotes both LOVE & SELF EMPOWERMENT, and showcases my evolution as an artist. No need to wait; press play! ^_^


Pre-Order Album


Physical album is now available for Pre-Order EXCLUSIVELY via this website! Now you can get it before the scheduled digital release date of August 21st, 2015. Price: $6.99 + $3.00Shipping & Handling. Orders will begin to be shipped on July 6th, 2015 only within the US & Canada. Please include delivery address information in the comments section. As the underdog that I am, your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you! ^_^


Pride Anthem


There is no denying that us LGBT folks are special; we are vibrant, magical, and have an understanding for both male and female energies. We are the color in a black and white spectrum of light. We are rays of sunlight in what can sometimes be a dark world where we bring gifts to share with the world. When writing "Children of the Rainbow," I wanted to celebrate our essence. We bring color, we bring love, we bring change. Join me this June in our celebration by sharing the rainbow and helping show that together, we are a formidable force of nature. Let's make "Children of the Rainbow" the Pride Anthem all over the world this summer and stay true to our colors.


ALBUM COVER: God's Gay Sun


Physical Pre-Order: 6/26/15

Physical Album release EXCLUSIVELY available via my website: 7/6/15

Digital Pre-Orders available worldwide: 7/24/15

Digital release WORLDWIDE: 8/21/15





1. Children of the Rainbow
2. Compass
3. Forecast
4. Power
5. Stay With Me
6. Lonely
7. Guardian Angel
8. Suspended in Time 
9. Poach the Big Elephant
10. Ingredients
11. This is my Life (Play)
12. Lion & Deer
13. Empire

8/21/15: GOD'S GAY SUN


ALBUM TITLE: God's Gay Sun

TRACKS: 13 Songs

PRE-ORDER PURCHASE: July 24th, 2015

ALBUM RELEASE DATE: August 21st, 2015

SUBJECT; Love, spirituality, self empowerment

Vibrant, boldly self empowering, and emotionally raw





Here's the OFFICIAL Lyric video for my first single off of my up and coming release due in August of 2015. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!! ^_^ 




1st single off of my new album premieres 6/6/15; you ready?!


NEW SINGLE: 6/6/15


New single due in just a matter of days and IT'S AMAZING!!!! Get ready 'cause this go round we're going to do it like we've never done it before!!! Details on the up and coming album are about to slowly be divulged. Get ready!!!! d(^_^)b


2015: 8th Album


NEW album in 2015... Expect it. d(^_^)b


NEW ALBUM- "Reino Mexicano"



1. Te Sigo Amando
2. Costumbres
3. Dos Gotas de Agua Feat Mom
4. La Derrota
5. Me Nace del Corazon
6. Tu Solo Tu
7. Volver, Volver
8. Secreto de Amor
9. Tristes Recuerdos
10. Tragos Amargos
11. El Rey


'I'm Talking"


After listening to some old school Timbaland & Missy Elliott, I decided to do a remix to Missy's "I'm talking" off of her album Supa Dupa Fly. This REMIX is bound to get you craving for a new Missy & Timbaland track. So, hit play above and enjoy!!!


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