"Blue Lipstick" Album Review


Let's review and talk about the inspiration behind every track off of my "Blue Lipstick" album due for a 7/7/17 release... Press play! ^_^


Let it Be LIVE

How do YOU feel right now?!

"Golden Renaissance"


My 3rd and final video installation helps tie all the loose ends to the story I’ve been illustrating throughout my career. Explore the theater of my mind through my acting, fashion, singing, production, writing, and dancing. This is one of the most ambitious projects I’ve ever undertaken and I must say, it’s unlike anything I’ve EVER done before. So if you’re ready to go along for an EXPLOSIVE ride, I’d suggest you buckle up for this mini-movie I’ve appropriately titled “The Golden Renaissance.” Press play!


"Raising the Bar"


I wanted to share some good news!! My song/video for “Dripping in Gold” are now up and running on 97.9 The Beat’s “Raising the Bar” site with Jkruz. Let’s vote and get this on the radio and get an interview by him. Your support is ALWAYS appreciated!! Love you guys!!!



4th Single- Misbehave (Pompeii)


Love to travel? Feel like getting into a little bit of trouble? Well, I have the perfect song for you!! My fourth single titled “Misbehave (Pompeii)” screams SUMMER hit with it’s warm, welcoming guitar intro and electric, dance chorus! The catchy hook makes this summer SMASH hard not to love! So, what you waiting for? Let the song take you for a ride; press play!




With the current climate in the world being one of mass confusion, fear, and depression, my NEW album appropriately titled “Blue Lipstick” helps shine light and bring an escape of positivity to those souls who seek to dive into something uplifting. Tired of all the wars? Depressed over all the greed motivating today’s political actions? Put on your  blue lipstick and escape with me! Let the rest wear red. We wear blue. We rebel. We are change!

“Blue Lipstick” contains 8 catchy, high energy Pop dance tracks that perfectly blend organic instruments with synthetic, electric sounds showcasing a range of emotions and feelings while uplifting the listener into an environment where acceptance, love, and strength coexist together. The album is now available for Pre-Order via iTunes with a scheduled release of July 7th, 2017.




One of my favorite lipsticks is Jeffree Star's Blue Velvet. In lieu of my up and coming album, let's make this a trend!! Post a picture of you rocking blue lips too!! 


"MisBehave (Pompeii)"


After travelling for a little more than a month, I've been able to compile a series of recordings into a light hearted, fun visual for a song off of my Blue Lipstick album titled "Misbehave (Pompeii.)" This video captures a lot of the magical moments I've gotten to experience in this short period of time. I want to thank EVERYONE that has contributed in making this an unforgettable, adventurous trip. Ready to go along for a CRAZY, once-in-a-lifetime ride? Press play!!!



3rd Single-Bubblegum Pop!


The third single off of my up and coming album perfectly amps up the party with it’s club ready beat and carefree, fun lyrics. The catchy hook and dancy rhythm will undoubtedly set that bootay on fiyahh and get your week started the right way!!!! This is a must have addition to your workout playlist. What you waiting for? Press play!!! ^_^




As part of my independent campaign for my up and coming album, I’ve decided to launch my promo trail in European soil. Their open minds and welcoming attitudes are hard to dismiss; this market embraces my art with open arms, and I love the love this continent shows. First stop- Spain. Get ready to go along with me on this journey.



2nd Single


With summer approaching and great experiences awaiting, I thought I’d introduce an undeniably HIT I wrote off of my up and coming album! It’s tropical/latin, flirty flavor puts a little spice into the Pop pot currently being served in the industry and stands as a definite winner in today’s music world. I hope this song helps create some magical moments for you! Without further adieu, I introduce to you “On My Way.” P.S. Yes, this song is based off of a true experience. Let love rain! <3


"Here I Go" Video


Alright guys!! The wait is over!!! The “Here I Go” visual is HERE and, I'm serving a hot dish of fashion runway by showcasing a total of 7 exoticly different looks. It’s artistic, vibrant, and ultimately screams: "Here I Go!" With my new album due in a matter of months, this video kick starts the campaign for my latest record. Hope you guys enjoy it!!!! Press play!!!!




“Here I Go” is the first single off of my up and coming POP album due for a summer release. It’s a pop infused dance track that perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the record. It fits perfectly into today's market with its electric pulsating beat while keeping it fresh and interesting with its changing time signature. "Here I Go" sets up the stage for what the sound of my overall album will be; so if you're looking for a workout song that will make you sweat and encourage you to get it in, then look no further! Press play!!!. Expect to dance, escape, and transform!! Ready?! 



HAPPY 2017!!!


May u and your loved ones have a wonderfully blessed 2017!!! I hope u accomplish everything your heart desires!! Wishing u much love, wealth, health, and happiness!!


"The Hits" on iTUNES


"The Hits" is FINALLY out and is now available on iTunes and all digital platforms WORLDWIDE!!!Get your copy now, download your favorite songs, and/or spread the word!! Thank you guys for your continuous support!




Two weeks ago, I found out that my self-produced/written song “Give Me” off of my 2008 album Musically Promiscuous had been played in the UK during their Sky boxing matches. Today, I come to find out that my Dance/Pop song “Children of the Rainbow” (which was intended to be a MAJOR Gay Pride anthem) has been streamed over 1,657,000 times, my song “Miss U Baby” has been streamed/downloaded over 30,000 times, and that my rap song “Dripping in Gold” will be played for the first time on Miami’s Excitement Radio this up and coming Monday on their show #TheBestKeptSecret. While I’m proud of these small stepping stones, I’d LOVE to hear one of my songs on a MAJOR TV show movie, sports game, radio station, video game, fashion show, and/or commercial. That would make me EXTREMELY happy!!! I share this not to boast about these new developments, but to show that through persistence, dedication, and hard work, you can slowly make progress. You have no idea how many hurdles I’ve had and still continue to overcome; the many times people have told me “No,” or have laughed at me to my face. Being an independent artist is HARD work! However, one must pursue what makes one's soul happy with whatever resources one has at hand. Be you. Life is too short to be scared, worried, or sad. Live your life and know that you’re a trooper for making it this far! Love those who love you and forgive those who have hurt you; spread nothing but love. I’m a simple kid at heart with a big dream where I see the world as a playground, and just like you, I work hard each and every single day in hopes of inching closer to my goals. I don’t know where my journey will take me, but I have faith it will all work out for the best. I hope that the remainder of this year has many good things in store for you. Thank you for your friendship and for your continuous support. I love you and I wish you MUCH success!!! Empower one another!! Let’s make the world a better place, and 2017 an extraordinary year!! 


The Hits


After 10 years of being invested in my musical career and recording over 100 songs, I've put together an album that celebrates my evolution and growth as an artist. 18 of my most streamed/downloaded songs via social platforms and digital stores will be showcased in this album that perfectly sets the stage for the NEW Pop record which I plan on releasing summer of 2017. This Friday, December 9th, 2017, "The Hits" Pre-Order will be available on ALL digital platforms worldwide with a scheduled release of December 30th, 2016th and I couldn't be more excited! It has the Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Dance music people have enjoyed from me throughout the years. I want to quickly thank you guys for your continuous show of support and love. ^_^ 2017, I'm ready for you baby!! =)


Fester Skank


This Thanksgiving I am thankful that the election is FINALLY over. On the bright side, I realized that if someone who can spew lots of hate and amplify racism can make it as president, there is NO WAY I can't reach my goals and aspirations of using my art  to influence the world in a positive way. This up and coming year, I vow to go full force and use all of my skills and gifts to knock open doors wherever they may lead. Millennials and Generation Z- we are the ones who will change the world Thank you guys for your friendship and love! Here is my latest dance video to a song I heard while I was in Europe titled "Fester Skank" by Lethal Bizzle feat. Distortion. Check out the fashion, heels and moves! Hope you enjoy it!! 




With the recent release of my latest EP “Dripping in Gold," I’m happy to reveal that a POP album is in the works with a slated SPRING/SUMMER 2017 release. Originally, I had recorded tracks for one album, however, some songs were primarily Hip-Hop/R&B while the others were FULL on Pop. As I wanted the final album to sound cohesive, I decided to do two separate projects with two different release dates. What can you expect on the follow-up to "Dripping in Gold?" AMAZING dance tunes that will light that bootay on fiyah!! Oh, and the album cover is going to be amazing! I can’t wait till you hear these new tunes and see the album artwork!!! =)


"Dripping" into Pandora


I'm pleased to inform you guys that my latest EP "Dripping in Gold" is now LIVE on Pandora radio along with 2 of my other 8 Albums : "Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy" and "6." Be sure to give the songs a thumbs up. Spread the word!! =)


My Journey


It was exactly ten years ago that I received my Associates Degree in Music Production from a small private college in St. Paul, Minnesota called McNally Smith. Two years prior to that, I graduated third out of my high school senior class of about a thousand students. Had I known when I first started that there was a thing known as a GPA, I could have easily been Salutatorian, but being first generation American, many things were new. I didn’t begin listening to English music till I was in middle school and the first time I went to the mall was in 7th grade. Basically, one can say, I was a little out of the loop when it came to American culture and its terminology, but I adapted. Nonetheless, I am proud of what I learned from the magnificent teachers who passed down some of their knowledge to me throughout my primary and secondary education. What I’m most appreciative of, however, are not the rewards and accolades I’ve received throughout my life, but everything my parents sacrificed to give me the opportunities they never received as kids.


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