Recently I've been exploring Spotify more and more & am LOVING how easy it is to discover new music around the world. That being said, if you're a Spotify user, feel free to check out all of my material via my page here: ULISES SPOTIFY

What happens when my 2016 “Dripping in Gold” single is used to remix Cardi B's 2018 NEW single “Drip?” This... 

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Ready to embark on a "Sacred Journey" with me? 4.16.18. 

Hello friends and fans!!! I want to cordially invite you next Thursday, April 12th, 2018 to my video shoot for my song “Guacamole.” All inclusive environment guaranteed regardless of size, skin color, economic status, sexuality, etc… No discrimination here! Must be 21+. Come on through and party with us! FYI- be sure to come FRESH to def and poppin! Look your BEST for close up shots!! Characters and exuberant personalities a plus. !! I want to include my community to show the world what Dallas is about!!! Let’s have some fun and create an EPIC video!!! =)

1851 Club
931 W. Division St
Arlington, TX 76012


Ready for some new SWAG? Check out my merchandise store featuring 5 different types of uniquely designed shirts and 3 different albums. The Texas Sized Combos allows you to save on various items on the menu while mixing and matching. Shipping begins this Friday! =)

At the end of 2017, I went into a DEEP depression. After quitting my 10-year job to pursue my artistic desires, I released my 11th album, travelled across the world to promote it, and marketed myself like I had never done so before. I invested in high quality music video productions, tested the LA waters for a month, and made a presence at both New York and Paris Fashion week, yet the doors I was seeking to unlock remained closed. You see, I’ve recorded 11 albums, written over 100 songs for commercial use (radio, advertising, movies, TV, games), gone to various music conferences, visited several radio stations both in Europe and the US to promote my music, and yet, it seemed as if I’d been running in the same spot for years. I was caught in the noise, and yet was well aware of the fact that breaking into the industry would be difficult. I never imagined it’d take me over 12 years to unsuccessfully try to get my foot in the door till I, literally, gave up. How could I pierce through the ceiling and come out on the other side? How could I make a successful living as a creative and entertainer? I mean, I’m nice, talented, driven, creative, smart, cute… What was I doing wrong?

These past few months, I've been working hard to bring some NEW music to life, and I'm excited to share that two new singles will be released later on this month. One in Spanish, and the other in English. The English one is unlike anything I've ever done, while the Spanish one is fully produced, written, and recorded by me. Can't wait to share these gems with you!! =)

For the next couple of weeks, I'll be consumed with Paris & New York's Fashion Week. If you'd like to keep up with my day to day activities, be sure to follow my Instagram account. Exciting NEW things coming soon...

5 EDGY looks in 1 PHENOMENAL video that showcase the different personalities I house

3 words to describe the video: MULTIFACETED, EXOTIC, and CREATIVE


It's with great excitement that I can FINALLY share the release of my 11th studio album titled "Blue Lipstick" with you guys which is now available on iTunes and all digital platforms WORLDWIDE!! Get your copy now, download it, and/or spread the word! Thank you guys for your continuous support; I sincerely appreciate it!! <3

Let's review and talk about the inspiration behind every track off of my "Blue Lipstick" album due for a 7/7/17 release... Press play! ^_^

My 3rd and final video installation helps tie all the loose ends to the story I’ve been illustrating throughout my career. Explore the theater of my mind through my acting, fashion, singing, production, writing, and dancing. This is one of the most ambitious projects I’ve ever undertaken and I must say, it’s unlike anything I’ve EVER done before. So if you’re ready to go along for an EXPLOSIVE ride, I’d suggest you buckle up for this mini-movie I’ve appropriately titled “The Golden Renaissance.” Press play!

I wanted to share some good news!! My song/video for “Dripping in Gold” are now up and running on 97.9 The Beat’s “Raising the Bar” site with Jkruz. Let’s vote and get this on the radio and get an interview by him. Your support is ALWAYS appreciated!! Love you guys!!!


Love to travel? Feel like getting into a little bit of trouble? Well, I have the perfect song for you!! My fourth single titled “Misbehave (Pompeii)” screams SUMMER hit with it’s warm, welcoming guitar intro and electric, dance chorus! The catchy hook makes this summer SMASH hard not to love! So, what you waiting for? Let the song take you for a ride; press play!

With the current climate in the world being one of mass confusion, fear, and depression, my NEW album appropriately titled “Blue Lipstick” helps shine light and bring an escape of positivity to those souls who seek to dive into something uplifting. Tired of all the wars? Depressed over all the greed motivating today’s political actions? Put on your  blue lipstick and escape with me! Let the rest wear red. We wear blue. We rebel. We are change!

“Blue Lipstick” contains 8 catchy, high energy Pop dance tracks that perfectly blend organic instruments with synthetic, electric sounds showcasing a range of emotions and feelings while uplifting the listener into an environment where acceptance, love, and strength coexist together. The album is now available for Pre-Order via iTunes with a scheduled release of July 7th, 2017.

After travelling for a little more than a month, I've been able to compile a series of recordings into a light hearted, fun visual for a song off of my Blue Lipstick album titled "Misbehave (Pompeii.)" This video captures a lot of the magical moments I've gotten to experience in this short period of time. I want to thank EVERYONE that has contributed in making this an unforgettable, adventurous trip. Ready to go along for a CRAZY, once-in-a-lifetime ride? Press play!!!

ALBUM OUT 7/7/17

The third single off of my up and coming album perfectly amps up the party with it’s club ready beat and carefree, fun lyrics. The catchy hook and dancy rhythm will undoubtedly set that bootay on fiyahh and get your week started the right way!!!! This is a must have addition to your workout playlist. What you waiting for? Press play!!! ^_^

As part of my independent campaign for my up and coming album, I’ve decided to launch my promo trail in European soil. Their open minds and welcoming attitudes are hard to dismiss; this market embraces my art with open arms, and I love the love this continent shows. First stop- Spain. Get ready to go along with me on this journey.

With summer approaching and great experiences awaiting, I thought I’d introduce an undeniably HIT I wrote off of my up and coming album! It’s tropical/latin, flirty flavor puts a little spice into the Pop pot currently being served in the industry and stands as a definite winner in today’s music world. I hope this song helps create some magical moments for you! Without further adieu, I introduce to you “On My Way.” P.S. Yes, this song is based off of a true experience. Let love rain! <3

Alright guys!! The wait is over!!! The “Here I Go” visual is HERE and, I'm serving a hot dish of fashion runway by showcasing a total of 7 exoticly different looks. It’s artistic, vibrant, and ultimately screams: "Here I Go!" With my new album due in a matter of months, this video kick starts the campaign for my latest record. Hope you guys enjoy it!!!! Press play!!!!

“Here I Go” is the first single off of my up and coming POP album due for a summer release. It’s a pop infused dance track that perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the record. It fits perfectly into today's market with its electric pulsating beat while keeping it fresh and interesting with its changing time signature. "Here I Go" sets up the stage for what the sound of my overall album will be; so if you're looking for a workout song that will make you sweat and encourage you to get it in, then look no further! Press play!!!. Expect to dance, escape, and transform!! Ready?! 

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