Recognizing faults in the entertainment industry and understanding where it falls short allows me to deliver precisely what it lacks. Every single song on this 6 track EP was written with radio in mind with each song packing the production power, lyrical content, and musical punch to deliver a hit in today's music industry. A wide range of tracks appealing to various radio formats ensures a successful climb in the charts while maintaining a sense of uniqueness and originality that is missing in today's world. It's just a matter of days before "6" is unleashed and released worldwide. Ulises fans- I promise you this: you won't be disappointed. 


1. Fleshtones         (Pop/Dance)                  3:42

2. Sugar Cane       (R&B)                              3:49

3. Crescendo         (Alternative Pop)           3:42

4. Love Frontier     (Pop/Dance)                  3:11

5. Sodalicious        (Hip-Hop/Rap)              3:19

6. Pink Panther      (Pop/Dance)                  3:32

  22 Minutes

Album Listening Party

It's OFFICIAL!! Thursday, May 22nd, I'll be hosting an Album Listening Party in one of Deep Ellum's chicest locations- The Prophet Bar. The FREE event will begin at 7PM with FREE snacks and appetizers available to the public. PLUS- the first 50 people will get a FREE limited edition copy of my latest album- "6." Beware- journalists, label representatives, and talent scouts will be present so I'd suggest dress to impress. It's the moment of truth, so mark it on your calendar and come on over to have some fun and preview some good music while having a drink. Don't be surprised if I deliver a special performance at some point in the event. Although I must confess, I am a bit nervous, I have faith that it'll all work out perfectly. So, can I count on you?! Dallas, TX- let's show them the we do it. Hope to see you there!!! 

Prophet Bar
2548 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226
May 22nd, 2014


8 months of pregnancy; 6 babies I'm set to deliver, and the nauseousness won't cease. Apparently, a "Spicy Jalapeno" sibling is giving me a bit of sickness due to it's crazy beat! Plus, the other gems are being so dynamically active, I'm almost ready to Pop! A little over a month before the reveal to the world begins. Until then, the preperation continues. "6"- it's coming; prepare to be dynamically possessed. ♩♪♫♬♩♪♫♬

After traveling to Europe and South America to a total of 15 countries this year, it is only right that I creatively unleash all that I've been blessed to experience through music and art. I have begun working on my 6th album which will contain 6 songs and will hopefully be released in 6 months on or near my birthday in June… Possibilities of the title being related to the number 6 are high. My goal is to have nothing but hits on this 6 song EP. Time to take it to another level!!

After a month and a week of traveling through out Europe, I must say, it's great to be back in the states! There is so much I'm excited to share with you guys. I'll be in the midst of prepping new blogs plus will be marketing my album full force. Furthermore, I'm currently in the midst of organizing a video shoot and am also planning out ideas for a photo shoot scheduled for the fall. Lots to do!! All I can say is, it feels great to be home! Hope you have been enjoying my new album the "Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy." Remember: You can still download it for FREE below… Love you guys!

I will be gone for from June to mid July and won't be updating my website much until after I come back from my European escapade. The best way to keep up with what's going on in the world of Ulises is by following me via Twitter and Instagram. Until then, feel free to browse around! Don't forget- be sure to download my latest album "The Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy" for FREE!!!

In less than 2 weeks, we'll depart and begin our journey towards "The Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy!" Almost here!! ^_^

That moment when you understand and make the decision that you will someday be up on a stage like that (above) in a venue just as big (if not bigger) performing to thousands of fans in a sold out concert who will not only be singing the lyrics to the songs you wrote, but enjoying the out-of-this-world performance my team and I have managed to orchestrate together. Last night at the Ricardo Arjona concert from our suite, I was reassured that I was biologically engineered for this....


While practicing a script last night, I had a realization... we are all, some more than others, unawarely participating in a monologue called life; at times, a dialogue. One is reading lines of a "scripted" act that we know not that it's scripted, thus giving our most genuine performance. The director, overseeing the ins and outs of every act, is always in control, and although we have the gift and privilege of making choices through free-will that could determine the outcome of certain "realities" while here, the play-out is ultimately all in the hands of the director. Every minute detail is so well arranged in this microcosm of a macro that when played out, one stands in awe at its magical execution. Life is not a rehearsal; the camera is always rolling and we're all actors on this stage called Earth. And this monologue I've chosen... I'm determined to give a performance that will echo in the realms of space; something, unforgettable.

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