Now what?


After an extensive trip that began in Europe, continued on to Asia, and ended in Australia before I headed out on a fifteen hour direct flight back home to Dallas, TX, I have lots to share. My main reason for this trip was artistic inspiration and boy, did I learn A LOT! I am currently working on many exciting projects which include more vlogs, blogs, pictures, and of course music that is in the works. The music however, won’t be released right away… I’m estimating end of 2016, early 2017. To everyone I met along this journey, I want to thank you for sharing your energy with me and for making this trip an unforgettable one. Being that I write my songs off of personal experiences, you will definitely see this trip reflected on my up coming musical project. Plus, the photo-sessions will be AMAZING!! You know nobody does it like me… Stay tuned!! ^_^


EP Review


Ready? Here we go!!! Thoughts?! =)


Track Listing



1. Dripping in Gold
2. Saddle
3. Guacamole
4. Fruit Intoxication
5. Soar
Pre-order May 27, 2016
Release June 24, 2016




Genre of EP: Urban Pop

Total tracks: 5

 Duration: 19 Minutes 

Release Date: June 24, 2016

Pre-order available: May 27, 2016




Expect to hear a NEW Ulises EP this summer. Trust me- IT's gonna be FIRE!! Can't wait to share this new record with you guys; details on the album will emerge soon!! Stay tuned! ^_^


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