While practicing a script last night, I had a realization... we are all, some more than others, unawarely participating in a monologue called life; at times, a dialogue. One is reading lines of a "scripted" act that we know not that it's scripted, thus giving our most genuine performance. The director, overseeing the ins and outs of every act, is always in control, and although we have the gift and privilege of making choices through free-will that could determine the outcome of certain "realities" while here, the play-out is ultimately all in the hands of the director. Every minute detail is so well arranged in this microcosm of a macro that when played out, one stands in awe at its magical execution. Life is not a rehearsal; the camera is always rolling and we're all actors on this stage called Earth. And this monologue I've chosen... I'm determined to give a performance that will echo in the realms of space; something, unforgettable.

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