With the current climate in the world being one of mass confusion, fear, and depression, my NEW album appropriately titled “Blue Lipstick” helps shine light and bring an escape of positivity to those souls who seek to dive into something uplifting. Tired of all the wars? Depressed over all the greed motivating today’s political actions? Put on your  blue lipstick and escape with me! Let the rest wear red. We wear blue. We rebel. We are change!

“Blue Lipstick” contains 8 catchy, high energy Pop dance tracks that perfectly blend organic instruments with synthetic, electric sounds showcasing a range of emotions and feelings while uplifting the listener into an environment where acceptance, love, and strength coexist together. The album is now available for Pre-Order via iTunes with a scheduled release of July 7th, 2017.

“Blue Lipstick” Track list

Here I Go
Bubblegum Pop
Misbehave (Pompeii)
On My Way
Million Shades
Ruled the World
Total Time: 27:45
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 7/7/17

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