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Expect to hear a NEW Ulises EP this summer. Trust me- IT's gonna be FIRE!! Can't wait to share this new record with you guys; details on the album will emerge soon!! Stay tuned! ^_^


Ep. 9 Peru & Brazil


On Episode 9 of "Chronicles of a Nomadic Soul," I take u to Peru where we'll visit the mystical Machu Picchu Site before heading down to Rio de Janeiro to visit the gorgeous beaches and enjoy some fun in the sun. What are you waiting for? Press play!!!


Ep. 8 Costa Rica


On the latest episode of my Vlog "Chronicles of a Nomadic Soul" I take you to beautiful country of Costa Rica. What are you waiting for??? Press play!! ^_^




Chapter 1: Nova autem Nativitate

1. To most, he was just a delusional, crazed human being roaming the streets of a beat up Earth. Little did they know, he'd bare gifts to the world; with his birth came along the beginning to it all.

Look for the next remaining 12 pictures on Instagram along with the pertaining lines of this story to see how it all ends... ^_^


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