Pandora Radio


You can now listen to Ulises music on Pandora radio!! Many of my songs are now streaming LIVE WORLDWIDE!!! Check it out and be sure to give it a THUMBS UP!! ^_^


Fun Facts


- "Forecast" was the first song to be recorded for my latest album
- "Power" was one of the most challenging (melodically & lyrically); I wanted to keep it fun but also give a "powerful" message
- Last song to record was "This is My Life"
- A total of 94 songs have been self released with many more hanging in the "vaults;" 11 Spanish and 83 English. (+ remixes)

Ep. 6-1 European Promo Trip


I recently came back from a Promo Campaign in Europe where I set out to conquer the musical markets of this wonderful continent. Along the way I stopped in places like Mykonos, Santorini, Naples, Berlin, Paris, & London and documented my journey. Join me on this trip and tag along with me to what turned out to be an adventure filled escapade. What you waiting for? Press play above!! Videos should automatically play one after the other in descending order beginning with Episode 6.


Top 5 iTunes Ulises Tracks


The Top 5 ULISES selling tracks on iTunes are as follows:

1. Pink Panther
2. Unpredictable
3. Miss U Baby
4. Love Frontier
5. Shark in the Water

"Chronicles of a Nomadic Soul" Ep.1


In this first episode of my series, "Chronicles of a Nomadic Soul," I discuss my family, their brave decision to immigrate to the US in hopes of creating a better future, growing up as a 1st generation American citizen, my suicide attempts, and my musical journey. It's a very personal, introspective look at the person behind artist you know as "Ulises." Hope you guys enjoy it!


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