2nd Single


With summer approaching and great experiences awaiting, I thought I’d introduce an undeniably HIT I wrote off of my up and coming album! It’s tropical/latin, flirty flavor puts a little spice into the Pop pot currently being served in the industry and stands as a definite winner in today’s music world. I hope this song helps create some magical moments for you! Without further adieu, I introduce to you “On My Way.” P.S. Yes, this song is based off of a true experience. Let love rain! <3


"Here I Go" Video



Alright guys!! The wait is over!!! The “Here I Go” visual is HERE and, I'm serving a hot dish of fashion runway by showcasing a total of 7 exoticly different looks. It’s artistic, vibrant, and ultimately screams: "Here I Go!" With my new album due in a matter of months, this video kick starts the campaign for my latest record. Hope you guys enjoy it!!!! Press play!!!!




“Here I Go” is the first single off of my up and coming POP album due for a summer release. It’s a pop infused dance track that perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the record. It fits perfectly into today's market with its electric pulsating beat while keeping it fresh and interesting with its changing time signature. "Here I Go" sets up the stage for what the sound of my overall album will be; so if you're looking for a workout song that will make you sweat and encourage you to get it in, then look no further! Press play!!!. Expect to dance, escape, and transform!! Ready?! 




It's been over 10 years of me walking, falling, picking myself back up, and learning about myself and my purpose in life along this musical journey I've taken. 6 weeks ago, I shot a video for one of my most recent songs that seemed to strike "Gold" with Ulises fans, and I must confess, it was very difficult keeping it a secret. Now, I'm ready! I WANT to take my career to the next level, and I hope that with your help, this visual helps open new doors. So, if you have a few minutes, watch it, and if you love what you see, PLEASE re-post and share it with your friends, talk about it, comment on it, and spread the news. If I EVER needed y'alls support, it is NOW. To all the people who have been there and have shown support throughout the years, I thank you! Never give up on you! Believe, dream, and work; push boundaries!



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