"Dripping" into Pandora


I'm pleased to inform you guys that my latest EP "Dripping in Gold" is now LIVE on Pandora radio along with 2 of my other 8 Albums : "Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy" and "6." Be sure to give the songs a thumbs up. Spread the word!! =)


My Journey


It was exactly ten years ago that I received my Associates Degree in Music Production from a small private college in St. Paul, Minnesota called McNally Smith. Two years prior to that, I graduated third out of my high school senior class of about a thousand students. Had I known when I first started that there was a thing known as a GPA, I could have easily been Salutatorian, but being first generation American, many things were new. I didn’t begin listening to English music till I was in middle school and the first time I went to the mall was in 7th grade. Basically, one can say, I was a little out of the loop when it came to American culture and its terminology, but I adapted. Nonetheless, I am proud of what I learned from the magnificent teachers who passed down some of their knowledge to me throughout my primary and secondary education. What I’m most appreciative of, however, are not the rewards and accolades I’ve received throughout my life, but everything my parents sacrificed to give me the opportunities they never received as kids.


Ep. 24: Bangkok Thailand


Nearly three weeks after commencing my exploration of Thailand, my Asian trip concludes in Bangkok where I show you guys my amazing 5 star hotel, take you around the city shopping, and party at one of the city's hottest gay clubs. So what you waiting for? Press play and tag along with me!!!! 


Ep. 23- Krabi's Emerald Pool


Ready to explore a little bit more of what Krabi, Thailand has to offer? This time we go to Ao Nang Beach and the beautiful Emerald Pool before heading off to Bangkok. Go for the ride; press play!!


Ep. 22- 7 Islands Krabi, Thailand


Another reason why I LOVED Thailand? The BEAUTIFUL islands. Ready to go on a ride? 7 islands await. <3 Press play!


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