"Chronicles of a Nomadic Soul" Ep.1


In this first episode of my series, "Chronicles of a Nomadic Soul," I discuss my family, their brave decision to immigrate to the US in hopes of creating a better future, growing up as a 1st generation American citizen, my suicide attempts, and my musical journey. It's a very personal, introspective look at the person behind artist you know as "Ulises." Hope you guys enjoy it!


Album Snippets


Listen to snippets of "God's Gay Sun" ABOVE!! This is definitely one of the best productions I've had the pleasure of releasing to date. It's mature, promotes both LOVE & SELF EMPOWERMENT, and showcases my evolution as an artist. No need to wait; press play! ^_^


In Depth Discussion of "God's Gay Sun"


In this first Vlog, I discuss the inspiration behind each of the 13 songs of my latest album "God's Gay Sun" due for a digital release on 8/21/15. Hope you enjoy it!


Pre-Order Album


Physical album is now available for Pre-Order EXCLUSIVELY via this website! Now you can get it before the scheduled digital release date of August 21st, 2015. Price: $6.99 + $3.00Shipping & Handling. Orders will begin to be shipped on July 6th, 2015 only within the US & Canada. Please include delivery address information in the comments section. As the underdog that I am, your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you! ^_^


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