2015: 8th Album


NEW album in 2015... Expect it. d(^_^)b


"Fleshtones" Video


With nothing but an iPhone, creative ideas, and the help of my buddy, I was able to capture what would turn out to be a fun, sexy, yet light-hearted video for my song "Fleshtones." Sassiness, attitude, and creativity galore. Check it out!! Remember, creativity knows no boundaries; if there is a will there is a way.


NEW ALBUM- "Reino Mexicano"



1. Te Sigo Amando
2. Costumbres
3. Dos Gotas de Agua Feat Mom
4. La Derrota
5. Me Nace del Corazon
6. Tu Solo Tu
7. Volver, Volver
8. Secreto de Amor
9. Tristes Recuerdos
10. Tragos Amargos
11. El Rey

"Sodalicious" Official Video


Money can always be an excuse as to why things can't get done. "I don't have the money," or "it's too expensive," but who needs money when you've got creativity, time, and God. After a few days of hard work, I have finally finished editing my latest video for "Sodalicious" off of my latest album 6. This go round, I did absolutely everything myself- make up, costuming, filming, production, editing, etc... With that being said, I really hope you guys enjoy my latest visual creation as it was made with lots of hard work and so much love. Hope it makes you smile, but most importantly, DANCE!!!! The moral of this story is excuses are not accepted. If you really want something in life, find a way. Believe in yourself and just do it. Press play above!! ^_^



'I'm Talking"


After listening to some old school Timbaland & Missy Elliott, I decided to do a remix to Missy's "I'm talking" off of her album Supa Dupa Fly. This REMIX is bound to get you craving for a new Missy & Timbaland track. So, hit play above and enjoy!!!


"Reino Mexicano"


My seventh studio album and first Spanish album, "Reino Mexicano" navigates through hit songs that have influenced and helped give a deeper definition to what is the rich & vibrant Mexican culture. This album navigates through tunes that have been delicately written and produced to move the soul with it's flush compositions, colorful dynamics, and heartfelt lyrics. In it, I deviate from the Pop/Hip-Hop world and dive into the songs that have impacted my soul exposing range and emotion in a way I haven't as of yet. Can't wait to share what I've been working on!! Prepare to be surprised… Coming real soon! ^_^

SPANISH: Les comparto la portada de mi próxima disco en Español titulado "Reino Mexicano." En el ilustro canciones que han influido mi vida y que en esencia han sido muy importantes en la rica y vibrante cultura Mexicana. Orgullosamente hijo de padres Mexicanos, aprecio mucho lo que mis padres y mi familia me han inculcado. Espero muy pronto poder compartir con ustedes este nuevo proyecto que espero que les llegue al alma. Los quiero mucho y recuerden, hechen le muchísimas ganas a la vida. Que dios los bendiga. 




Fresh out of the studio... Hope you like my acoustic rendition of Sia "Titanium."




New video for my song "Addictive" off of my 2009 album "Frequencies of Brilliance..." Hope you enjoy it! ^_^


Update: New Album 2015?


I have officially begun collecting experiences and seeking inspirations to write about for a new album I plan to release sometime next year. No worries- I still plan on marketing and promoting my latest effort - "6," but with that being said, I do promise to try to challenge myself artistically, lyrically, and creatively when bringing to life this new project I have begun working on. ^_^


Ciao Ingrosso!


Once upon a time I dreamt of working along your side. I thought that perhaps, with your knowledge and experiences mixed with my talent, drive, and creative visions, we could conquer the world. What I found most interesting about you were your fireous energy which I was so drawn to and your honesty. I felt we shared many similarities and that I could trust you, but after observing your musical career, I've come to the conclusion that I no longer wish to work with you. Yes, you are talented, but I am EXTREMELY driven and talented. I feel that you're content with what you have. You take no risks and don't challenge yourself. I'm done wasting my efforts trying to reach and get a response from you. I want winners on my team. People who compliment what I have to offer; who are on the same page as I. Like Steve Angello, I've chosen to move along this journey and continue to make my dreams a reality by myself without depending on anyone. I will slowly but surely build my empire for I believe in my gifts, talents, and creative visions 100% and know that what's meant to be, will be. Although my time hasn't come yet, I have no doubt it will. Like Nicki Minaj said, "Ain't a man in the world that could block what God blessed…" Ciao my friend! 


"Crescendo" Official Video


Here's my latest music video off of my EP "6." It's motivating, beautiful, & artistic. Press play... Watch the heart warming visual to my song above. What you waiting for- press play!! 


JLo's "Booty"


Dancing to JLo's catchy "Booty."


"Love Frontier" Video


Here it is!! Video for "Love Frontier" feat Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell in Ibiza's Departures. This video gives great imagery as to what essentially I'd love to create with the proper equipment and tools.The picturesque beautiful images of the ocean, the fireworks on the stage, and the energy captured in the video is perfection. Hope you love it as much as I!!!


28 years....


28 years
10,220 days
245,300 hours
14,718,000 minutes
883,080,000 seconds

Another 365 day journey around the sun begins with every second of every day bringing a chance to start again. I currently find myself in Mexico enjoying a nice little vacation.. For this 28th year of my life, I can promise you this: the best of ULISES is yet to come. Thank you for your love and continuous support! I hope to successfully reciprocate that back to you! <3


Spanish Album


It's important to me as an artist to never forget where I come from, and being that I'm very proud of my Mexican heritage, it would be unjust to neglect that part of me. I've decided to dig deep in my soul and expose another side of ULISES which very few people have witnessed. I've commenced the recording process for my 7th album, first Spanish one and am hoping to have it completely finished in a couple of months. I will be targeting a completely different market/audience with this project, but nonetheless, I hope to expose the beauty and richness of the Mexican culture that has influenced me so much throughout my life. One thing is certain, I most definitely am not a one trick pony; expect to be surprised. d(^_^)b


"Ulises: The 2nd Coming"


Next BIG project I'm taking on: a trailer of Ulises's journey towards musical destiny; it will showcase my artistic voyage, will present an in-depth, intimate view of Ulises's the creator, and will take you along this crazy orchestration of my personal life; will shoot it throughout the summer. Should hopefully be done sometime in Fall. *crosses fingers*  Title: "Ulises: The 2nd Coming." 


Album Release Party: SUCCESS!!!


Album Release Party Red Carpet

Album release party was a SUCCESS!!! Performed a couple Ulises classics ("Unpredictable", "Need it", & "Larger than Life") as well as "Crescendo" off of my new album before finishing off with the Beatles's "Let it Be." My EP- "6" is now on iTunes!! Be sure to grab a copy!! ^_^


Album out NOW!!


Album is offiically out NOW on Itunes and music stores worldwide... Plus, you can Shazam it as well!!! Check it out!! 

6 - EP - Ulises 


"Sodalicious" Fan


This morning, I woke up to an email from 32 year old Kacey Wallace from Brisbane, Australia who heard my song on an internet radio station she happened to be listening to during work. After notating the artist name, she googled Ulises & "Sodalicious" and came across my website where she downloaded the entire album for free. She then proceeded to make a video to this song, which she says she "LOVES," before picking up the kids from school. She said she has two kids, is happily married, and loves to dance. Since this put a smile on my face, I thought I'd share the video she sent me with you guys. Hope you like it as much as I did. Thanks Kacey!!! You ROCK!!!!


Harry Potter 4 Ulises

Official Album Artwork


Recognizing faults in the entertainment industry and understanding where it falls short allows me to deliver precisely what it lacks. Every single song on this 6 track EP was written with radio in mind with each song packing the production power, lyrical content, and musical punch to deliver a hit in today's music industry. A wide range of tracks appealing to various radio formats ensures a successful climb in the charts while maintaining a sense of uniqueness and originality that is missing in today's world. It's just a matter of days before "6" is unleashed and released worldwide. Ulises fans- I promise you this: you won't be disappointed. 


1. Fleshtones         (Pop/Dance)                  3:42

2. Sugar Cane       (R&B)                              3:49

3. Crescendo         (Alternative Pop)           3:42

4. Love Frontier     (Pop/Dance)                  3:11

5. Sodalicious        (Hip-Hop/Rap)              3:19

6. Pink Panther      (Pop/Dance)                  3:32

  22 Minutes


MAY 22ND, 2014

Album Listening Session


It's OFFICIAL!! Thursday, May 22nd, I'll be hosting an Album Listening Party in one of Deep Ellum's chicest locations- The Prophet Bar. The FREE event will begin at 7PM with FREE snacks and appetizers available to the public. PLUS- the first 50 people will get a FREE limited edition copy of my latest album- "6." Beware- journalists, label representatives, and talent scouts will be present so I'd suggest dress to impress. It's the moment of truth, so mark it on your calendar and come on over to have some fun and preview some good music while having a drink. Don't be surprised if I deliver a special performance at some point in the event. Although I must confess, I am a bit nervous, I have faith that it'll all work out perfectly. So, can I count on you?! Dallas, TX- let's show them the we do it. Hope to see you there!!! 

Prophet Bar
2548 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226
May 22nd, 2014





NEW website design to premiere next month. PLUS, new pictures, music, and videos. Thank your for your patience. I promise you won't be disappointed; all great things take time and I'm not just going for great- I want excellence!! ^_^




8 months of pregnancy; 6 babies I'm set to deliver, and the nauseousness won't cease. Apparently, a "Spicy Jalapeno" sibling is giving me a bit of sickness due to it's crazy beat! Plus, the other gems are being so dynamically active, I'm almost ready to Pop! A little over a month before the reveal to the world begins. Until then, the preperation continues. "6"- it's coming; prepare to be dynamically possessed. ♩♪♫♬♩♪♫♬


Album Update


ALBUM is coming along amazing! Although I do have the track list ready, I am waiting to finalize a few recording and photo sessions before releasing any title names off the EP. I will say that I am VERY excited to share some new music and art with you guys. Summer '14 is gonna sizzle and pop!!! 




Wishing you and everyone else an unforgettably successful 2014!


Album #6


After traveling to Europe and South America to a total of 15 countries this year, it is only right that I creatively unleash all that I've been blessed to experience through music and art. I have begun working on my 6th album which will contain 6 songs and will hopefully be released in 6 months on or near my birthday in June… Possibilities of the title being related to the number 6 are high. My goal is to have nothing but hits on this 6 song EP. Time to take it to another level!!


Summer Down South


I'm traveling down to a couple of countries in South America to both creatively refuel and acquire more artistic inspiration for my next projects. I'm FINALLY going to go and experience the mystical jungles and wonders of this beautiful continent that have attracted me for so long. Brazil- U ready? Ulises is comin' 4 ya!! 




I come to you from the Sesliu Galaxy to introduce and bring to Earth sound and frequencies that will get your body moving. With influences ranging from Timbaland to Michael Jackson, this album is sure to transport you to a peaceful place found light years away. Download my latest album the "Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy" via iTunes and other digital stores if you dare explore a yet unknown world. Warning- your feet won't be able to contain themselves from dancing and your heart from bursting with joy. Boarding has begun! Destination: Sesliu Galaxy!!


I'm Back!!


After a month and a week of traveling through out Europe, I must say, it's great to be back in the states! There is so much I'm excited to share with you guys. I'll be in the midst of prepping new blogs plus will be marketing my album full force. Furthermore, I'm currently in the midst of organizing a video shoot and am also planning out ideas for a photo shoot scheduled for the fall. Lots to do!! All I can say is, it feels great to be home! Hope you have been enjoying my new album the "Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy." Remember: You can still download it for FREE below… Love you guys!


Europe 4 Vacation


I will be gone for from June to mid July and won't be updating my website much until after I come back from my European escapade. The best way to keep up with what's going on in the world of Ulises is by following me via Twitter and Instagram. Until then, feel free to browse around! Don't forget- be sure to download my latest album "The Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy" for FREE!!!


"Discovery of Sesliu Galaxy" Album Artwork


In less than 2 weeks, we'll depart and begin our journey towards "The Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy!" Almost here!! ^_^


Boarding begins MAY 26TH


Ready to explore the unexplored? MAY 26th is the date to download your boarding pass towards the "Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy." Be prepared to embark upon a magical journey towards an unknown, wondrous place that will stimulate all your senses and make you feel alive. The best part of it all, it will be available to everyone for FREE. Be sure to check back to download your boarding pass. The ship departs MAY 26TH! Don't miss it! ^_^


Album Tracklist


Title of album: Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy
Theme of the album: Love
Sounds like: A journey through an octopus's mind
Three words to describe it: exotic, bold, vibrant 






MAY 2013





Just received an email regarding a prominent song submission contest I submitted to back in January and was delighted to read that I received an honorable mention... According to the email I received, and I quote, "The 'Honorable Mention' p lacement shows that your song received extremely high scores and was found to be competitive with the winning songs. Only the top writers receive this placement. " Completely made my day! Thank you Universe!! ^_^ Here's the link: http://songwritingcontest.songoftheyear.com/ulises.htm


WHY I no longer desire to work with Timbaland...



I've come to a point in my life where I can continue to appreciate and respect Timbaland for all of the work he's done without me longing to work with him artistically. What he brought to the table during HIS time was necessary for the industry and has profoundly affected it in many positive ways. Although he's a very talented producer, what my generation of talent brings to the table is just as great if not greater. I try not to to limit myself, and tend to not want to follow the crowd; by me wanting to work with him, I'd be doing exactly the opposite. I want to pave the way, do something new and refreshing, just like he did at a certain point in his life. It's like a teenager flying away from it's parent's nest to create his own. I've learned a lot from him as a musical fan, but I have my eyes set on something much grander which I plan on achieving. I believe in myself so much that I feel that through hard work and dedication, I can accomplish what he has or more. There's a sort of excitement that comes with exploring the unknown, and I know that just like me, there must be other talented individuals who have something just as interesting, refreshing, and creative to offer the world; others who are currently in the same position he once was before reaching stardom. There's a new generation of stars in the industry that are coming up; we have something completely different to offer and are gonna reinvent everything! In short, thank you Timbaland for all that you've done. Your work is truly appreciated! Your influence will definitely be felt and heard by many.

Your fan,









That moment when you understand and make the decision that you will someday be up on a stage like that (above) in a venue just as big (if not bigger) performing to thousands of fans in a sold out concert who will not only be singing the lyrics to the songs you wrote, but enjoying the out-of-this-world performance my team and I have managed to orchestrate together. Last night at the Ricardo Arjona concert from our suite, I was reassured that I was biologically engineered for this....





While practicing a script last night, I had a realization... we are all, some more than others, unawarely participating in a monologue called life; at times, a dialogue. One is reading lines of a "scripted" act that we know not that it's scripted, thus giving our most genuine performance. The director, overseeing the ins and outs of every act, is always in control, and although we have the gift and privilege of making choices through free-will that could determine the outcome of certain "realities" while here, the play-out is ultimately all in the hands of the director. Every minute detail is so well arranged in this microcosm of a macro that when played out, one stands in awe at its magical execution. Life is not a rehearsal; the camera is always rolling and we're all actors on this stage called Earth. And this monologue I've chosen... I'm determined to give a performance that will echo in the realms of space; something, unforgettable.




MAY!!! I've decided to set the album release date for May... New pictures, music, and videos coming real soon!!! Stay tuned! Creativity will be unleashed REAL soon!


Season 3 X-Factor Audition


Singing Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come" for my X-Factor Audition.


"Home" bound


"HOME" officially released!!! Wohoo! =)


Happy New Year!!!


I'd like to wish you and your loved ones an amazing, successful 2013 full of love, happiness, and great health!


"Discovery of Sesliu Galaxy" Album Update



I have a total of about 25 songs for my album... gonna wind it down to what I consider the best 10 songs for the project. Next song I plan on releasing is one of my most personal songs to date -"Home
." I wrote it about my experience in NYC and desires to come back home to Texas. Everyone who's heard it so far loves it! =) Overall, this is gonna be the most personal, organic album I've done to date. Can't wait till y'all hear it!!! Hoping to have it ready by Summer 2013!! *crosses fingers & presses play* d(^_^)b



Be sure to focus on the positive on this great day! =) Meditate on world peace, a better world, and a better future for humanity. I know I will! =) You should too! Have a splendid day and spread the good vibes like jam and jelly on a toast of bread. ^_^




Wanted to quickly give you guys a quick update: I am currently working on my new album "The Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy" and am excited to say that it's coming along amazing- absolutely nothing like it out in the market. I'm hoping to release my first official single from this album real soon... all I can say is prepare to be blown away... new music, new videos, new things coming your way. It'll be worth the wait- I promise!! So sit tight, 'cause you'll soon get to see what I've been working on! I can't wait to share the good music! Have a blessed day! 


"Even if the World Caves In" Official Video


Shot on my last day in NYC (08-31-12), this dance filled video is sure to set those feet on fire. Drawing dancing inspirations from people like Michael Jackson, this video takes u on a little NYC journey from the subways to the <3 of NYC- Times Square. Without further adieu, I present... the official music video for "Even if the World Caves In."What u waiting for! Join the fun! =P


American Idol- 2nd Round

Download "KA"


Now available on iTunes and various other digital platforms; check it out and let me know what you think!!!




Throughout the summer, I had the privilege of auditioning for three different shows: The Voice, La Academia, and American Idol. I did pass to the next round of the American Idol auditions but haven't posted anything due to not wanting to be disqualified. Since I'm moving to Texas and won't be able to transfer the next round of auditions to a location closer to Dallas, it's pretty much a wrap for me on that show. Nonetheless, expect to see me in a total of three shows. Be on the lookout for that zebra head band. I think what I got out of these experiences was reassurance- I believe in myself more so now than ever. Can't wait to hit the stage again once I'm in Dallas. ;-) New music doesn't sound like a bad idea either. =P


Azteca TV "La Academia"


This weekend I got flown out to Mexico City to take part in the FINAL auditions for the Mexican talent show titled "La Academia (TV AZTECA)." After a productive finale, I'm glad to say that I was able to make it to the top 200 out of 300,000 people who auditioned. Met a lot of great talent and was an overall, amazing learning experience. Be sure to stay tuned. More news coming up soon. =)


Mexico 2012


Blog about my trip to Mexico coming real soon... =D


Happy Birthday


26 compete revolutions around the sun; 9,490 days, 227,760+ hours, 13,665,600+ minutes, 819,936,000+ seconds of being alive on this magical planet. Wow! Thank you guys for all these birthday wishes and for making my day so great so far! Remember, every second counts; do something great! I love y'all. =)


Bear your Soul....


Ready to hear Latin phrases in an upbeat, dancy track that effortlessly fuses Operatic elements into a Pop driven track inspired by native tribes and the mystical nights on Earth? Last night while writing a blog entry, I began to listen to my song "Barefoot" which I have had for a while now. Unfortunately, it's not 100% mixed and mastered as I wish it was, but the version that I do have is very descent. I pondered, "What good is it doing just sitting here on my iTunes playlist?" So, I want to share it with you guys so you can see what direction I'm headed with regards to the album I'm working on. I may change a few things within it later on, but as of right now, I'm content with it. Of course, there are many other tracks that I haven't posted, but since this is one of the first one's I did for this project, I thought I'd share! =) Without further adieu, here is "Barefoot." It's creatively different from what I last did. Hope you like it. =P


Retro Rewind


I was listening to some of those older songs I've recorded that were never included on one of my albums, and I came across these two which took me right back to 2009 & 2010 respectively... Hope these hold you out until my NEW album comes out later on this summer. Still working on it! Hope you enjoy them! =)




Las Mañanitas


Doing my acapella rendition of the well known Spanish song- Las Mananitas. Hope you enjoy it! =)


Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy




Enter the "Confessional?"


Religion is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think, not to say, I don't believe in God. Religion has been so divisive amoungst the human race, being the reason for many wars. It's ironic really, as they preach about love and turning the other cheek, yet do otherwise. Not to mention, the Catholic church (I was raised Catholic), and all the molestation cases. Ultimately, we are all one; the world is my country and to do good is my religion. I'm spiritual and define my self under no religion. They all have a consistent message, and that's what I apply to my day to day life. That being said, I hope you enjoy the video.


Retro Rewind... 2007




So... I was looking back at when I first seriously began pursuing music as a career in the "real world," and I found this! My first video of my two dancers and me practicing to the song I produced and was pushing back then (2007) called "Projection Beautiful." I was 19 years old- so naive and innocent, but full of drive and passion and 5 years later, I'm still here working towards my goals. Of course, I've grown soooo much since then. Thought I'd share! Hope you like it! =P


Hope it makes you lol. =P


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