Things I don't eat/drink

- Red Meat

- Sodas

- Fried goods

- Fast food

- Anything heavily processed and synthesized

- Medicine unless I'm extremely sick; I always try natural remedies first


Things I do eat/drink

- Vegetables, Fruits (organic included)

- Chicken (every now and then)

- Sea food (only if it's fresh and from a non polluted bed of water)

- Prefer teas over coffee, but I will indulge every now and then

- LOTS of water

The cleaner the food, the better; If they're natural with high nutrients, vitamins, or any other qualities, I'll eat them.


Things I want to try

- Juicing


When it comes to exercising, I like doing Cardio workouts like running; two of the machines I love at the gym are the stair master and the elliptical. One of the work out videos that I LOVE to work out to is P-90X: AB RIPPER X. Perfect video to  work out the mid section. When trying to get fit, it's important that you not only eat right but also exercise appropriately. 


In short, I try to go the natural route when it comes to my lifestyle… that doesn't just include my food, but also products that I use on a day to day bases like tooth paste, soap, etc… Feel free to ask any questions

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