During my teenage years, I suffered from acne. On top of being depressed and having low self esteem, I was trying to figure out who I was as a person, not to mention, working a part time job, and being consumed with all the homework the advanced classes I was enrolled in issued. Those times are what I call my "dark ages." I, literally, had no life. It was very difficult coping with all of these issues at once especially when it came to finding a solution to my pizza face. I, too, wanted to have flawless skin, and didn't know how to "fix" it.  I was VERY self conscious, and felt like my acne was holding me back from being who I really was. I was very vulnerable especially at this point of my life, and this issue certainly didn't make things easier. I tried many procedures including peels, lasers, creams, etc… and after trying so many things, I FINALLY found what worked for my skin. Keep in mind everybody's skin is completely different so what may have worked for me, may not necessarily work for you, but it's worth a try. Here are three suggestions:


1. Benzoyl peroxide based products

2. Salicylic and glycolic acid peels

3. Aztec healing clay


The culprits for pimples are dirt, oil, and/or bacteria that clog your pores, and both benzoyl peroxide and clyndimicin can help hinder their growth. Many top acne products contain this combination of chemicals to help control breakouts. Nonetheless, after doing some research recently, benzoyl can be dangerous and toxic to the human body, so perhaps my other two suggestions may be more appealing and worth considering. Glycolic and salicylic acid peels are amazing since they help remove the top, older layer of the skin and help bring to the surface a newer one. Plus, depending on what you may need, it can help control the overproduction of sebum or facial oil. I've recommended this to several people, and they've loved it after noticing considerable improvements. If you're seeking a youthful skin texture, this may also be an option for you. Many celebrities swear by them, and not a lot of downtime is needed to recover as they're not super intense. If a peel is not what you're looking for then perhaps something more natural and easier for you to try may be the Aztec healing clay which, I must say, is amazing! I LOVE it! You simply mix it with water and/or apple cider vinegar and apply this natural product to your face. You'll feel the tightening and cleansing ensue after applying. When you're ready to wash your face and remove the mask, your skin will not only be feeling refreshed but will also adapt a smooth texture. You don't necessarily have to have acne to use this clay; I use it, and I must say, it's one of my favorites. It's a great way for everyday people to clean out one's pores and keep one's face nice and tidy. In conclusion, these are three options I would suggest to anyone suffering from acne or perhaps, just wanting to maintain a youthful glow to their skin.


Furthermore, I've read that hydrogen peroxide can help with this issue as well, and although I've never tried it, there have been testimonies I've read from people who swear by it. So, your remedy may be sitting in the bathroom cabinet waiting for you to use. Now if you use make-up, be sure you use noncomedogenic powders or creams. Heavy oil-based make-up can also be a reason for breakouts. Nonetheless, always do your research before committing to any product. Read the pros and cons to help make an informed decision; make sure you won't have any serious side effects.


What this experience taught me was to, yes, appreciate a person's face, but not solely define them because of the beauty they may posses. I tend to look past the outer shell before concluding whether they are truly beautiful; a pretty face can be deceiving. In conclusion, remember that true beauty lies within. Looks eventually fade. 

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