This morning I read an excerpt from an article where an Egyptian man claimed that his blood was worthless compared to other peoples in the world, and I couldn’t help but feel saddened by his perception for he couldn’t be further from the truth. While I DON’T know this man personally, I knew he was EGYPTIAN- a land RICH in history with GREAT pharaohs and kings that reigned and created amazing things throughout time. I’ve been to this BEAUTIFUL country of his and have seen with my own eyes an unbound potential for growth and prosperity. Unfortunately, certain circumstances in life have, perhaps, made it challenging for him to live a life he wishes to have, however, he’s not invaluable to my eyes. If only he believed in his own potential and the richness he contained within his being. There are many priceless things that not even money could buy or bring, and with every passing day, an abundant amount of undeniable pain ever so present in today's world urges us to collectively attempt to HEAL by pushing to see ourselves as equals and not inferior to one another or ourselves be it for one’s skin, religious beliefs, sexuality, social class, age, etc… We’re all human and for better or worse, together in the same boat. Can you imagine what we’d be capable of doing were we to work together instead of against one another? I’ve always stated that there is richness in diversity and power in unity. We must invest in education, share equal rights, and transition from a fossil fuel burning planet to one where energy efficiency reigns. Famine in today’s world should be illegal being that we have all the capabilities in the world to end this ongoing battle. I wish people would put their political beliefs, greed, and religious perceptions aside so as a human race, we could propel each other to reach our ultimate potential. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. Everyone is fighting their own battles, and if we could just be a little bit nicer and understanding towards one another, this world would be so positively different.

Through my travels I’ve been able to witness and see that we all share similar problems. The one main difference defining our circumstances is our environment and unegotiable predicaments. REMEMBER- YOU ARE AMAZING. Believe and become it! How wonderful is that while you’re alive, you have the opportunity to everyday work towards building something new and different in this world. IF, for some reason, those changes you wish to see have not been implemented or adapted yet, perhaps it’s your destiny to change it and do something about the situation. I really wanted to remind you that you are special, loved, and appreciated. Peace and blessings to everyone. Let's work together to progressively create better days for all of the human race!

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