It’s said that in order to lead a happy, fulfilling life, one must nurture those things that move our soul. Recently I’ve been unlearning things I’ve been taught by society along the way and trying to get to know myself a bit more to truly UNDERSTAND who I am so I can attain my ultimate potential and help give the best of me to the world. I had to go back to being that mischievous, little kid who knew no harm and ugliness in the world; I dug deep and this is what I found.

My passions include:

  1. Learning
  2. Music
  3. Languages
  4. Travelling
  5. Nature
  6. Family & Friends
  7. Innovating & Creating
  8. Food & Fitness
  9. Art & Fashion
  10. Helping & Empowering People
  11. Love
  12. Laughing

Because I’ve had the opportunity to travel to various, beautiful cities and countries around the world, I’ve come to understand the fragility of our planet. I attempt to bring consciousness to how humans impact the world and how we must aim to create harmony and balance to preserve nature’s beauty. Personally, I recycle, try to reduce my carbon footprint, and aim to be more energy efficient. I embrace the future and am excited about what’s to come. Technology now a days is moving so fast that in my mind, we should be living in a “Jetsons” kind of world. I love to think of the possibility of us transforming Earth into a much more efficient, peaceful, and cooperative planet. I love to learn new words in languages I come across when travelling. I love how music makes me feel. I LOVE to learn new things. Empowering and helping people is soul satisfying. Innovating and creating things that help inspire and bring positive change feels amazing. I love to swim and hike. Fitness and eating healthy is more about treasuring and respecting the one body I’ve been assigned to more than anything else. Food is such a unifying experience that brings family, friends, and strangers together through teachings and recipes our ancestors have passed along. Food is like medicine for the body. Art & fashion are always fun to explore, and a good laugh is always good for the soul. This is what moves me. Now my question to you is: What moves you?


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