Immigration from third to first world countries is prevalent throughout the planet, but when analyzing the situation and searching for the root of the problem, one can come to understand that in a competitive capitalistic society where progress, efficiency, and brotherhood are counterproductive to the system, a being's desire for a better life innately burns within the human spirit, and therefore, the search for opportunities and the desire to climb the latter will never cease to exist. 

Trump's controversial words in which he states that Mexico is "sending people that have lots of problems" to America including rapists, drug runners, and other criminals fails to recognize that the Unites States itself has a population of NO Latino descent whatsoever who themselves are racist, drug runners, and criminals. As a matter of fact, every country faces the exact same problems such as these. Are there issues within the US that need immediate attention? ABSOLUTELY!! I'm a firm believer that a reduction in governmental involvement in other country's affairs is imperative for us as a nation to progress and focus on issues that will improve our economical and social standing. Let's not forget, this country was originally settled by immigrants from Europe who helped annihilate a grand portion of the Native Americans who peacefully lived in this country for thousands of years. The US is a melting pot where dreams have the potential of becoming a reality through hard work and that's what makes it so unique. It's a place where freedom, liberty, and innovation were celebrated, but times do seem to have changed.

Want to solve the problem on drugs? How about ending the drug war by legalizing these "illicit" substances, taxing them, and changing our perspective on how we view this issue. Not only could this action save the country millions of dollars, but it would help put an end to this drug war that seems to have NO end. Everyday products have the potential of being abused. Over the counter medications could easily be used to make Meth and Crack; chemicals in cleaning products could easily be mixed into a dangerous combinations that can be used for the same purpose as any illicit drug. On the other hand, Marijuana has proven time after time to posses medicinal qualities that can help individuals suffering from several illnesses recover, stabilize, and at times, heal from whatever issues they present. How many times have you heard of someone overdosing on Marijuana? NEVER! Furthermore, Cocaine was used by Sigmund Freud for his patients for his therapy sessions; Peruvians in Cusco use Coca tea and candy to help with the regulation of Oxygen in the blood at high elevations. There are always two sides to each story, but ultimately the responsibility of indulging in such practices that could be coined as "good" or "bad" should lie on one. By legalizing drugs, one could ultimately disarm what has thus far been such a strenuously draining and unsuccessful war.

Instead of pointing fingers and blaming a group of individuals for problems that undoubtfully exist, how about adopting a progressive mature, attitude and making changes that are sure to usher a new era encouraging understanding, love, efficiency, and peace. It's important to recognize that if it weren't for Trump, issues such as these would not have been brought to the forefront and thus, initiated this conversation so THANK YOU Donald. I agree- it's time for a change, but let's move forward instead of taking two steps back and set an example that is sure to encourage change throughout the world.

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