People always ask me, ”How is it that you can travel so much?” The answer is simple; you’ve got to do your research- good deals are available all over the net! Now a days it’s a lot easier to make an amazing trip happen if you have the time, savings, and no attachments or dependents and while having one or two of those can make a big trip a little bit more challenging, you must not rule out any possibilities, because with good planning and research, you may be able to make it happen. You don’t have to be rich to travel and experience something new and great. Feeling adventurous? Keep on reading!!!

1. Hostels- Hostels are always a great choice for solo travelers like me. Why? Well because they offer a safe haven full of individuals like you and I who, also, travel alone. It’s a great way to make new friendships and experience a place you’ve never navigated through as they usually offer city tours and activities that are bound to make your experience much richer. My booking site of choice is; What I love about this site is that customers who stay at the hostels provide great reviews that help you decide which location fits within your budget. I ALWAYS read reviews prior to booking. Plus, pictures are essential to my elimination process.

2. Choosing cities- Countries’ economies affect how much your Dollar or Euro is worth, so if you want to get more bang for your buck, explore countries that give you more for what you’ve got. Check currency exchange rates via google (a great resource) and make it happen. It’s all about stretching your savings while getting the most for your money. Eastern Europe for example is quite more affordable than western Europe. The greater the difference (first world/third world,) the greater the preparation (like vaccinations,) but the richer the experience. You’re bound to learn something NEW and amazing full of great lessons that will enrichen your perception of life.

3. Supermarkets-  Can’t afford to eat out each day? Supermarkets are a great resource for lunch. Their bakeries and kitchens can usually provide you with a filling plate of your choice at a very reasonable price. Plus, hostels usually have kitchens where you can prepare your own food. If you’re staying at a hostel, inquire for places they recommend you check out; they understand that you’re on a budget and are there to help you with advice and guidance.

4. Planes- When it comes to booking them, I usually resort to “Google flights” to check prices with dates & times to see which is more accommodating. Things to keep note of: some airlines may charge you for additional luggage so check before purchasing what the total cost will actually be. Others will charge you to print your boarding pass at the airport so if you want to save on that, print at hostel or hotel. Recently, I got charged 100 Euros extra for my flight to Ibiza from Madrid via Ryan Air because the agent had to print my boarding pass (50 Euro) and my luggage was 5 Kilos over what I had already purchased via the internet (10 Euros per kilo= 50 Euros.) That’s a lesson that I hope you don’t commit; that money could have been better used elsewhere. Needless to say, booking in advance can come at a great advantage, particularly if you’re trying to book a flight to a VERY popular destination. If for some reason, there are no flights available to where you intended to go, check any airports that are close to that city and see if there are any trains or buses that frequent where you were originally planning to go?

5. Passport/Visas- Certain countries require Americans to get a VISA like for example Brazil. Check which countries you’ll need to purchase a visa for via the following website:

6. WIFI- If you’re trying to save on your phone plan and not pay an astronomical amount for an international plan to use while you’re out of your country (unless you’ve got a plan that offers unlimited Data, Texting, etc… like T-MOBILE <3), then WIFI will become your best friend. Hostels and Hotels usually offer WiFi which you could use for Facetime, texting, emails, or whatever you need to do, however, there will be times when you need to access the internet like for directions, and won’t be able to if you don’t have some sort of backup plan so plan accordingly.

7. Patience- Travelling will test your patience; it WILL make you much more tolerant. Know that sometimes things won’t go as planned. A flight may have a long delay, a bag may have gotten lost along the way, you may incur extra charges in an airline because of something you didn’t know, etc… There are various scenarios that come to mind, but remember, everything will be fine. It’s all part of your experience and as long as you’re diligent, vigilant, and well informed, your stories will only be more interesting. Learn to politely yet adamantly say, “No” when necessary and to ask questions. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed that you’re lost or uninformed. If you ask, you shall receive!

8. Credit/Debit Card Bank Fees- When travelling abroad and either taking out money from the ATM machine or making in-store purchases, credit and debit cards may charge you additional international fees for your purchases. There ARE those that don’t so research and get one that not only saves you on those fees, but also gives you the opportunity to accrue points on every buy.

9. APPS for Travel- Throughout the years I’ve been travelling, I’ve come across some APPs that make life easier abroad. I’ve compiled a list below with an explanation to what each one offers: 

- Maps.ME: This app offers the opportunity to download maps for each city you’re visiting while allowing you to use it when you don’t have access to WiFi. I came across this app in India and have been using it ever since in EVERY place I’ve traveled to outside the US, and it’s AMAZING!!!

- WhatsApp: You will be meeting lots of new people and WhatsApp allows you to keep in contact with these new friends by exchanging numbers with them and using this service as an everyday contact messaging/calling service. It’s pretty awesome and almost everyone internationally is familiar with this application.

- MobilePass: When you come back into the US (for American Citizens,) going through passport control can be quite a hassle, but this app makes this process A LOT quicker and easier. Basically, it’s like a mobile passport that utilizes your phone and information to move you through the que a lot faster. I used it on my way back from Australia last year, and it made everything easy, breezy! Use it!

-UBER/LYFT: There may be times when you don’t know what to do in the city that you find yourself in and you just want to get from Point A to Point B. Uber & Lyft are used internationally as well so these apps are extra helpful. I’ve used them in France, Bangkok, and India!!! Definitely a must have!

-CURRENCY+: This App helps with the currency exchange conversions, and makes it easier for you to know how much you’re spending. Select the currency you’ll be using in the country you’re travelling to and select the currency of your native country and voila: things should be a lot more transparent when it comes to purchases instead of being a guessing game.

-SHAZAM: Being that you will be travelling to a completely different country, you will be exposed to NEW music you’ve never heard before that is AMAZING. Chances are you’ll want to find out what song is playing and that’s where this app comes in to play. I’ve used this APP so many times and have discovered songs/artists I wouldn’t have otherwise. A great tool! 

            I hope this blog will help you in any of your future travel endeavors. There is so much beauty in the world and sometimes, travelling outside of the bubble one is so accustomed to can open up your whole world and mind to a bunch of new experiences and things. So what are you waiting for? Not sure if you should take a trip… Do it!!! NEW MEMORIES await… If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll be sure to reply to the best of my knowledge. Safe travels!!!!

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