Intro- Perfectly sets up the stage for the album

*Home- A pulsating beat with lush strings and a captivating set of drums. Vivid lyricism, an infectious melodic beat, and an intimate vocal performance make it a homerun.

*2gether 4ever- If Max Martin and David Guetta orchestrated a musical baby together, this would be it. An infectious chorus over a captivating beat- it zings with exhilaration, happiness, and youth. I ask myself, could this be one of the biggest hits in 2013? It lacks no element to disprove otherwise. With the right marketing, its potential of being a huge smash would be inevitable.

Your Everything- Sounds like a beautiful, sunny, summer day; perfect for driving with windows and sun roof open to soak up the sun while drinking a glass of refreshing lemonade with one's partner. Has a very relaxed 90’s feel to it. The bass- blazin’.

No 1 Like U- Lyrically inspired by my previous relationship, I must say, this track is one of my favorites. An orchestral feel helps ignite the theater of the mind as this song progressively builds till reaching a wondrous climax. With harmonies so lush and colorful, this track will easily melt your heart.

Purple- A smooth, colorful R&B record that draws inspiration from none other than Prince, himself, is sure to set lover's hearts ablaze with its heavenly melody, and exquisite guitars that will teleport you into a “Purple” planet of love.

The Way- Get ready to learn some French! This track will take you on a roller coaster ride in the most relaxed, beautiful way. You won’t be able to help but to tap your foot and smile to the lyrics that will easily win you over and instantly transport you to a café near the gardens besides the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Jam.Rock.Kiss.Love- Feel good, groovy song that will instantly take you back to the 80’s with the falsetto, breathy vocals and captivating chords that bring this lovely record to life. The cowbell- infectious.  (Michael Jackson/Earth, Wind, & Fire)

Fire- heavy drums, piercing horns, and an exotic brush of flames promise to get those hips movin' from side to side. Get some ice… it's bound to get scorching hot! 

*Don’t U Wanna- Flirty and fun- two stepping will be hard NOT to do. If this were ice cream, it’d be a flavor one would have a hard time forgetting.

Download- Animated, fun upbeat song that will get you moving to the sound of 80’s synths and cowbells. If Sheila E, Timbaland, & Ulises collaborated on a track together, this would be it.

Just Us- Synthy, dreamy tune that slowly builds into a riveting dance track.

Survive- Perfect way to conclude this album


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