We tend to perceive celebrity figures who have successfully made a living out of their artistry as spoiled, egotistical, and demanding. However, with time, I’ve learned to understand that these individuals put their creativity, soul, and life on the lines in order to help bring something magical into this world. There’s nothing more that I love about an artist than humility and creativity, however, anyone who has gotten to a point in their careers like accomplishing the creation and release of a number one hit song or album on the charts has to overcome some stressful schedules and pressure-filled obstacles most of us will more than likely never fully come to understand. It’s a treacherous journey full of tough life decisions and lessons with stressful moments particularly since everything is magnified. Many times, celebrities cope with these overwhelming situations through mediums like alcohol, drugs, and sex and while I do believe there are ulterior ways of dealing with such a demanding, lonely career, I can understand why they’d chose to escape via these methods. So, perhaps, instead of critiquing an artist next time you hear about them and quickly jumping to conclusions, one should consider that while still being human, they are doing something on a HUGE scale that can’t be comprehended by the average human being, thus, the coined term “SUPERSTAR.” Not everyone is equipped to handle such a job which more than likely, isn’t a job to them but a soul’s desire and need. Less judgement, more understanding. They’re there for a reason. Whether you enjoy their music or not, that’s a totally different conversation. I’ve come to respect each and every one of them even if I don’t agree with decisions or actions they’ve taken or am not a huge fan of their music. Let’s treasure our artists and elevate our consciousness, because whether one likes it or not, they affect the social fabric of the world. It’s through art that we can achieve peace and love and these superstars are mediums that help bridge that gap and bring color and magic to our worlds. Spread the love! Stop wars! Let our stars' shine aid in changing the world! <3 

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