As I get ready to welcome my 30th birthday in a few months, I've come to the conclusion that becoming a renown World Star is not what I want to be. The artist in me will never cease to exist, and the star quality I was gifted with will never dim, but the illusion of stardom has come to an end. I've always known what kind of industry I was trying to get myself into, but the more and more I surround myself with it, the more I've discovered how elevated the toxicity levels are of the oceanic narcissism that is driving our world mad and I wouldn't want to contribute to the problem when I've always tried to embody the solution. Having many doors closed in my face has never quite stopped me from pursuing my heart's desires; I've persevered along this musical journey of mine, and God knows it hasn't been easy. I will continue to get lost in my fairytale world which music helps create while working behind the scenes applying my expertise to reach pending goals on my agenda, but now, I'll be taking myself completely out of the equation of trying to be THE "World Pop Star" as I value, and love myself too much to put myself in such an unnecessary, compromising fishing bowl. Nonetheless, I will be releasing a couple of albums this year which I've been working on for the past few months before taking a brief hiatus to focus on other goals in my life. Fun, happiness, freedom, and success are the objectives. Don't think of this as me giving up, but more as me just finally knowing my worth, and knowing I have nothing to prove to no one. I'm done chasing people; if you want me, find me. No more limits; time to move past them and leave behind baggage weighing me down. Fame- I planned to use it to uplift and help humanity. Money- it never has and never will define who I am as a person; I'm priceless. In this new chapter, new things await; expect less filter and more experimentation in the name of art. Time to focus on me. I'm no stranger to hard work and that, too, will continue. Hope you join me in this journey as I am working on many NEW projects I can't wait to share with you guys. 2016- Let's do this!! ^_^

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