After an amazing week and a half in a country housing ancient temples, tombs, and statues that pre dated to thousands of years of existence, I can't be persuaded to believe that Egypt is anything less than a spectacularly mind-blowing country. With every inch trekked across cities such as Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, and Horghada, I fell deeper and deeper in love with the rich history this beautiful country offered. The trip began with a visit to the Giza pyramids who stood in all it's pride and power firmly after thousands of years of creation. Breath taking seems like an understatement. What made this experience even more unforgettable was trekking across the desert on camels as the pyramids stood behind us in all their grandeur. The shots captured tell a story all on their own and are nothing short of epic! The next few days consisted of a cruise up the Nile River from Aswan towards Luxor where stops were frequently made at different temples and villages along the way. The kindness of the people and the innocence within the children's eyes who's happiness and joy spiked at the sight of outside visitors are a few of the priceless moments that I'll never forget. Even though there was a language barrier between the residents of the villages and myself, the universal language of a smile and a wave seemed to do the trick. After the boat arrived at a port in Luxor, we made our way towards our last stop of the trip to the coastal city of Horghada. The water was so rich and blue- it was the perfect place to conclude this adventure. ATV bikes across the desert gave me the adrenaline rush I was deeply in search of throughout this experience while the beautiful sound of the waves gave me the inner peace needed. The tourist-rich city had a lot of beautiful eye candy one could calorie-lessly indulge in; as a matter of fact, Egypt had A LOT of beautiful people, and as a gay man, I can state that I had NEVER in my life experienced such openly aggressive pursuit of my lovely bones in any of the other countries that I've had the privilege of visiting. What I will say is this trip has inspired a lot of lyrics for my up and coming album due in 2015, so I'll definitely be spilling some of the tea there. Until then know that visiting a country that once was my home stroke up a lot of great emotions; Ulises, the pharaoh, will return. Raaaa!!!

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