Three words that I’d use to describe Stockholm- minimalist, pristine, and tame. While it is a great city full of amazing shopping, scenic views, and nature stops, what I most enjoyed of Stockholm were the late nights out. As part of a musical investigation I took upon myself, I sought to discover why Sweden houses such talentedly phenomenal producers like Max Martin, Dennis Pop, Avicci, Swedish House Mafia, and others who all have had a huge and undeniable impact in today’s pop world. Is it their water? Is it the city? While I still haven’t found the answer to my main question, I did uncover one truth: the night life there is pretty fantastic particularly during this time of the year. Everyone is in a jubilant mood, ready to drink, party, and enjoy the weather. One night, a group that I coordinated and I decided to go out to this awesome club called Tradgarden and while waiting in line for close to an hour, a lady who was with security saw my gold, knee high boots and came to admire them up close and personal. All of a sudden, the owner from the club saw that I had a big group with me and after asking how many people there were (to which I responded 16), he instructed me to pick 4 individuals to come to the entrance with me. I didn’t know who to choose, so, he said, “Grab all the girls (a total of about 7) and come with me.” I quickly followed orders and the girls and I followed him inside. The best part- I didn’t even have to pay cover, and the girls LOVED me so much for that! Needless to say, we had an epic night in this amazing two-story, club that holds a total of 5 different music rooms. I danced, sweated, and laughed like I hadn’t done so in a good while. While I didn’t find the answer to the questions I hoped to answer with my Stockholm experience, I did meet some pretty amazing individuals that helped make a quick little trip up north turn into something quite unforgettable! Stockholm- I <3 you and your talented musicians!!!

FYI- for any future Scandinavian travelers: drinking up north like in Sweden and Norway can be quite expensive and in Stockholm, alcohol shops close on Sundays, so one has to coordinate one’s drinking plans. Plan accordingly! 

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