We live in a masculine dominated world where the feminine energy has long been submissive. I find it imperative that in order to create a harmonious life, one must balance these energies out for as evidenced by the current state of the world, the male mentality has, stubbornly, gotten us into wars, hindered negotiations, and prevented us from working together as one. The feminine touch, however, gives beauty, gentleness, empathy, and sensitivity a chance to help litigate and resolve issues that prevent the human race from progressing. Cue my entrance. In this current phase of my artistry, my whole demeanor is about celebrating the feminine energy. Not only are women extremely beautiful, but STRONG beings that help bear children, hold a household together, and beautify this planet. They’re the nurturers and the givers of the world. In conclusion, women are nothing short of amazing, and I am all about that!

                        Evolution is necessary in life, and as I analyze my artistic growth, I see how I’ve learned to pursue and embrace risks and challenges that once seemed daunting. The beauty in the art I create is that a listener or viewer gets to experience both the masculine and feminine through me, because it is who and what I am. A true artist always strives to freely express oneself and while, of course, society and the industry usually attempt to box one into a category, I’ve refused to comply. I’m an artist who creates off of feeling and emotion and right now, a need for the feminine energy is necessary to help alleviate the troubles of this world. If I can make a difference through my music and touch, then I shall. The feminine within is naturally expressing herself while beautifully dancing along with the masculine.

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