In just a few days, I will embark on what will be the biggest, most adventurous trip I’ve ever taken in my life; for a little over a month, I will be traveling throughout the European continent and will be digesting a “buffet of countries.” The countdown has begun.

Where to?

I’ve never really traveled outside the North American continent so this will be a new, unparalleled experience. I will finally be making a lifelong dream of mine come true! I’ve always wanted to go to Europe, and see the beauty the continent beholds. Am I nervous? Of course! But I am also, VERY, excited!! The mystery and unknown can be quite intriguing.

What am I looking forward to?

I want an experience; I want to embrace the culture, languages, and people. I want to learn as much as possible and forget about time; completely disconnect from the “world” I live in here in the US and surrender to the beauty the universe offers. I want to practice the French I learned in high school in a restaurant next to the Eiffel tower as I enjoy some escargot, bike across the Alps as I observe the wondrous, peaceful beauty Earth bestows, and soak in the sun on a beach in Barcelona as the sounds of the waves calms and soothes my mind, body, and soul. I seek adventure and excitement. I want to feel alive. Most importantly, I’m really looking forward to meeting new great people and establishing great friendships; that is perhaps what I’m mostly looking forward to- connecting. Plus, I will be turning 27 years old while on this trip; what better way to celebrate. My goal is to make this an unbelievable experience.

Travel Log

One of my plans is to keep a video diary of my everyday experience on this trip. I don’t ever want to forget it; I will also be making sketches and keeping notes on things that I find interesting and worth writing about. At the end of the trip, I hope to have acquired a lot of inspiration and hopefully, I’ll have a little something to share with you guys!


Do I plan on promoting my music while I’m over there? OF COURSE!! The hustle NEVER stops even when on vacation. You never know what opportunities may lay behind a door one comes across. I do plan on researching auditions and contest that I may happen to stumble upon and be able to participate. Why not?! =P

After the release of a fresh, new album that will put an end to a two year chapter, starting a new one is quite exciting. In short, I welcome and embrace whatever it is the universe wants me to experience. I surrender. I'm ready for a new direction in my life.


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