Mykonos, Santorini, Rome, Naples, Berlin, Paris, & London- an ambitious trip that I successfully and independently achieved all by myself. After a couple months of intricately planning this expedition in which I sought to conquer markets outside of the US, the day had finally come and it was time to put the foot to the pedal and GO! Was I nervous and scared? Absolutely!!!! This was the first big promo trip I had EVER planned by myself and while I did encounter a few bumps on the road, a positive attitude helped me pull through each situation while having fun along the way. After knocking on many doors in the US for years and not getting where I should/ want to be, I decided this would be a great career move. Open minds and a progressive attitude are welcomed and celebrated in Europe hence the reason for this campaign. God knows I've worked super hard in the US and only hope that new doors leading me to where I should be successfully open up. In conclusion, never be afraid to take the jump off the cliff for only then will you learn to build wings as you fall so you can fly high like the Phoenix and soar into the sky like a King/ Queen. Never give up on your dreams and most importantly, believe in yourself completely and have faith. Thank you guys for your continuous support and remember, my album "God's Gay Sun" is now available for Pre-Order off of iTunes; spread the word!! To all the wonderful souls I met alone the way- thank you for your contribution in making this trip unforgettable. Love you all!!! <3


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