Throughout my years of existence, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many different countries around the world where I’ve seen first-hand the diversity and forms in which Earth displays her majestic beauty. I find it imperative that we all take individual responsibility and action towards keeping our fragile planet hospitable and clean by being more consciously aware of our actions. We must aim to reduce our carbon footprint while protecting our water, being energy efficient, eating local/organic produce, protecting the bees, eating less meat, and ending plastic pollution. We must resolve to do all that we can to leave this planet we call Earth a little cleaner and greener for generations yet unborn. We must “try to leave the Earth a better place than when we arrived.” We must honor, love, and respect her, for her generosity and kindness in giving us all an opportunity to life. Last time I checked, hospitable planets are hard to find. Happy Earth Day!

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