2014- what an amazing, unforgettable year this one has turned out to be. As I lay here under satin sheets in the comfort of my bed listening to Beethoven's music as I reflect on what will in a matter of days become another year I've been blessed to live, I can only express complete gratitude for it all. Releasing two albums: my 6th English one appropriately titled "6" and my first ever Spanish album titled "Reino Mexicano" in which I was able to explore orchestrations I grew up listening to as a child, made this year one of musical growth. The fact that I challenged myself to record soulful songs that define and capture the heart of the Mexico I learned to love and adore is something I'm extremely proud of accomplishing; I not only, once again, proved to myself that I'm not a one trick pony but also, that I am completely capable of successfully bringing to life what I envision for my musical career. Ricky Martin & Enrique Iglesias- you officially have competition. In addition to the music I birthed, I was able to make some quite fascinating trips one of which immediately stands out in mind- EGYPT! What a dream come true!! I will NEVER forget this trip for it was absolutely stunning in more ways than I can literally express. If you hunger to explore a country that houses culture, history, and beauty in quantities unmeasureable with a human scale, I advise you explore Egypt. Furthermore, I established new friendships with MANY new people whose paths I had the privilege of intersecting; I hope that throughout this school of life I've been able to inspire and teach people new things as much as they've been able to inspire and teach me. You receive what you give and while new friendships were created, others proving to be toxic and unyielding were terminated. Prince Charming has yet to trot into my life, but I must say, there is no sense of urgency for I feel complete and happy. Would it be nice to share things with a partner I love? Yes, but I also know that whomever is fortunate enough to have me by their side will have to be completely capable of equally reciprocating all that I have to offer if not more. I'm proud of the person I've become and am hopeful that 2015 will make an even better, stronger, and wiser human being out of me. 10 years ago when I graduated high school I was asked to explain where I pictured myself being when I was 28, and although I'm not precisely where I hoped I'd be, I am where I have to be. The conversations and advice I'd tell my 18 year old self would be so enlightening, but alas, we learn from the past to create a better future. What I mostly hope to have done this year in the world precisely at such a pivotal point of time in human history is spread a little love, light, and joy. You know what they say- every little ounce counts and while I'm just one of approximately seven billion people, I hope to be contributing to making a difference on this planet. I'm excited for what's to come! Many new things in the works that I can't disclose as of yet! Remember that with an impeccable work ethic and faith in yourself you can successfully accomplish just what you set out to do. Never stop believing and keep on reaching. Wishing you an extraordinary 2015! Many blessings to you and your family! Cheers!!!

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