August 2nd- 4th 

Waiting for the sun to peak out was not an option. Rain poured from the sky the day I arrived at Udaipur. Time tick-tocked away, and I decided that diving right into the stormy weather and wasting not one more second of this valuable opportunity I had to explore a little bit more of India was the appropriate thing to do. Thankfully, one of my hostel roomies who was originally from the country guided me to a local restaurant he’d come across that offered traditional Indian cuisine. It was here that I was introduced to, now, one of my favorite Indian dishes- Thali. Imagine Spanish Tapas with a slight kick of Mexican spiciness and an Indian twist; this was Thali and it was VERY tasty! The buttermilk drink served at the end had a very bitter taste to it which my tastebuds strongly disliked. The only reason I managed to chug three fourths of it down was due to it helping with the digestive process of the human body. After enjoying such delicious meal, I returned to my hostel and relaxed to the soothing sound of the rain. 

At 7:30PM, a performance showcasing traditional dances of Rajasthan would be presented at the local museum, and I was not going to miss it. I waited a bit and managed to work on a few projects before making my way out to the markets to see what souvenirs I could purchase. I came back to the hostel and chatted with a couple of girls with whom I managed to strike a very interesting conversation before heading out to the local museum to watch the Bagore Ki Haveli dance show which I’d heard from others, would not disappoint and boy, were they right; it was absolutely marvelous! I LOVED everything about it from the colors to the choreography. The performers mounted an unforgettable spectacle where they managed to not only play with fire, but also, play music in a way I had not seen before. It was perfection; the best way to end this rainy night. 

Next day arrived and I would soon be departing Udaipur. Two nights in this wonderful place went by extremely fast, but I’d concluded it was enough. Monsoon season was in FULL effect, and I found myself ready to go back to Jodhpur. The views from the hostel were beautiful, and while I did enjoy the city, I couldn’t wait to go back to blue. Morning arrived and four hours later, I was back in my old stomping grounds seeing familiar faces and places. Udaipur was now just a memory of a wonderful town.

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