(July 27th-July 29th)

My train was set to depart at 8:10AM and while I knew I had to put aside some of my high standards while traveling through India, I was not going to be giving up comfort, nor safety. I booked an express A/C train to Agra which would get me there in 1.5 hours and to be honest, I couldn’t wait to get as far away from Delhi as possible. A relaxing, reflective, eye-opening, deep spiritual Indian experience was what I was after and I hoped the remaining cities I intended to explore would showcase that side of India. Optimism prevailed. 

After arriving in Agra, I noticed it’s appealing difference. Even though my hostel was at a walkable distance to the Taj, it was considerably quiet compared to where I stayed at in Delhi. I checked in, dropped off my bags, and set off to explore most of Agra’s sites which included baby Taj, Mehtab Bagh, Agra Fort, and Chini Ka Rauza. Afterwards, I went back to my hostel and listened to the rain fall as I began working on a couple of projects. I enjoyed some food while watching some of India’s finest entertainment on TV. My chicken cheese sandwich perfectly topped off my night, before I made my way to my room where I showered in cold water and proceeded to fall asleep next to a super hot French guy who I couldn’t keep my eyes off of. I mean his body was de-licious and the contrast between his green eyes and that short dark hair of his made him appetizing. I did manage to strike a conversation with him earlier on in the day and was able to discover that he was in his mid 30’s working as a cartoon animator in French TV which I found fascinating. I found his geeky yet athletic, lumber sexual personality very attractive. Plus, his French accent was super sexy, not to mention, he only slept in boxers. While my mind managed to have a little fun with him, I physically contained myself and fell asleep like the good, innocent young androgynous man that I am. =P

Next day I woke up and decided to go for a walk up to the Taj where I scoped out it’s surroundings. Did I go inside? No… The tourist trap didn’t get me, but I did manage to go around the walled wonder which was quite interesting. After seeing the baby Taj the day before, my interest in the real deal dwindled. Plus, it was under construction and there were TONS of people inside with which I didn’t want to deal. I went back to my hostel after the exploration and continued to enjoy my downtime. This was the first moment I really felt I could breath and relax, so I indulged in it. I planned my next stop and finished up some vlogs before the night arrived. This kind of wifi speed was hard to come across so I had to make the most out of it. After purchasing my train ticket for the next morning, I packed my bags and left them ready for my early departure. I woke up at 3:45AM and as the taxi that waited for me outside pulled out of the hostel’s parking garage, Taj managed to sneak a final goodbye. The train promptly left  from Agra early in the morning at 5:05AM. I managed to fall asleep for the 4.5 hour train ride to my final stop. Jaipur was next on my radar and while this three week journey through India remained a work in progress, I felt that, indeed, my experience would only get better with time. The pink city awaited…

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