Brave- that’s the best way I can describe my parents who in their early teens left behind all they knew in hopes of finding better opportunities that’d help them create a better life. Honorably working their way up by always giving 110% of themselves to whatever job they committed to along their journey, sacrifices were necessary to provide my siblings and I the opportunities they never had available. We received an education, went to college, and grew up in a totally different environment from theirs. Listening to stories of how challenging their childhood, teenage, and early adult years were are hard to digest and fully comprehend. Through hard work, sweat, and tears, they built a foundation that allowed me to take risks and do all that I have been able to with my life, and for that and so much more, I’m ETERNALLY grateful. If you’ve ever met me in person, I can assure you that my kindness, drive, and work-ethic are a true reflection of who they are. If you’ve ever doubted angels existed, my parents would make you believe. Most of what I do is to make them proud and to hopefully one day, give them more than what they’ve given me. Because of the strength they’ve shown while overcoming many adversities, this month of June I CELEBRATE and thank GOD for having you as the parents who’ve guided me. And while lately immigrants have been getting a bad wrap, I truly believe that this country which was originally inhabited by many of my Native American ancestors, is blessed to have such loving individuals as my parents add onto the fabric weaved by millions of immigrants that previously came before them and helped establish this wonderful country I’m blessed to call home.

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