Within the last couple of months, I was able to witness and explore an array of creative diversity from three artist I love and adore by attending their concerts. Their names: Beyoncé, Britney Spears, & Lauryn Hill. 

As detailed in one of my previous blogs, Beyoncé puts on one heck of a show. She dances, sings, & mounts a spectacular performance that keeps one entertained from beginning to end. The lights, the dancers, the cinematography- what was there not to enjoy about it? Years in the entertainment business have schooled and helped her polish her craft while bringing out the best within her. I must say, I had a phenomenal experience watching her perform at the New Orleans’s Mercedez-Benz Superdome arena.

After arriving in Las Vegas during the Halloween week of October, I proceeded to make my way into Planet Hollywood to purchase a ticket to Britney’s Vegas show. Her recent TV performances and latest album, “Glory,” convinced me that she’s really bounced back into the Pop world and unapologetically retaken her Princess throne; the release of an album that’s pure FIRE and her looking healthier than ever persuaded me to see her show and to no surprise, was pleasantly entertained. There was a moment during her performance where I stopped and froze an instant in time while I watched her dance realizing that she’d been through sooooo much in her life. A few feet in front of me stood a woman who I, and millions of others, had seen grow up in the media from the teen start of her career when she broke into the scene with the amazingly well written and produced track “Hit Me Baby One More Time” to her break up with JT, and furthermore, her breakdown during the “Blackout” era of her career (which produced one of my favorite albums.) Nonetheless, she’s managed to continue to grow past that, deliver great Pop music, and be the great entertainer she’s always been while taking more and more control of her career. I saw her as a human being who was simply doing her job and entertaining the thousands of fans that were in front of her. I saw her in a different light and really just admired her strength while also recognizing that the music industry could be a really dark place that can try to smother your light. This show briefly made me rethink what I was getting myself into as an artist. 

A month later, I found myself back in New Orleans and Lauryn Hill, who I have always LOVED and admired, was to perform downtown at the historical and beautiful Seanger Theater. I purchased my ticket and hoped that she wouldn’t have us wait too long before she graced us with her performance. The show started at 8:00PM with two opening acts that entertained us for two hours and a half until she FINALLY walked out on stage in her Alexander McQueen platform boots and lovely getup. Her energy, her voice, and her delivery were soooooo powerful, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, literally. I was quick to notice how demanding she seemed to be onstage with all her musicians, but the fact that she was commanding them like an orchestra conductor and doing so in an impromptu fashion while creating a musical show that seemed loosely planned was magical. One minute she’d cue the drums to stop playing while only the background singers and her voice filled the theater with musical lusciousness and the next she’d be urging the guitar players and the drums to slowly build the song up. AND, even though she had a bit of a cold, she STILL sounded amazing and put on a SPECTACULAR show I’ll NEVER forget. She was like a queen in charge; she knew what she wanted while letting her voice and message drive the performance. No back up dancers, no cinematography or fancy visuals… just her, her musicians, and her fans. She rapped, she sang, she played guitar- I WAS LIVING!!!! ONE of the BEST shows I’ve EVER attended; she’s AMAZING and yes, she’s still got it. Furthermore, she looks GORGEOUS! Fashion was on point and she ROCKED the stage with all her classic hits and songs from her multiplatinum selling album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” and Fugees features. The show concluded at approximately 12:30AM, and I left feeling hopeful and full of life. I was in awe of her greatness.

These shows made me believe in myself and my art even more so than I did before while also reminding me that there is still a lot to learn. Many miles still  pending to be walked as achievements as theirs come with time and experience. The value of art in our lives is unimaginable and each creative individual has a unique gift they feel the urge and necessity to share. Art is life, and I live and breath it and will continue to share it with those open to exploring it with me. In conclusion, I'd like thank Beyonce, Britney, & Lauryn for sharing their talent, energy, and life with the world. You’re ALL amazing and deeply loved! I personally appreciate and love each and every one of you! <3

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