In times of such desperation where rights seemed to be challenged and stripped left and right, my very presence as an ANDROGYNOUS, gender fluid artist is a political statement. With Trump secretly working on dismantling LGBT, women's, and minorities' rights in this wonderful country of America, I myself must stand amongst others as a beacon of hope for the future of my people.

My inner “Cookie” has been unleashed in “Dripping in Gold” where I boldly assure that I won’t let anyone step on me and my worth as a valuable contributor to society; I’m GOLDEN. I am a valuable asset just like everyone else who falls under the underdog umbrella, and will STAND up for myself while keeping those I represent in mind hoping that I showcase the greatness of my hard work, persistence, and determination no matter how challenging the obstacles may seem. See, I am a fighter; life has taught me that to survive, one must continue pushing and hustling. Nothing is just handed to you. While I am androgynous, ethnically ambiguous, and independently funded, one thing I can assure you that you’ll find in me that you won’t find in many others is heart and passion. Isn’t it time that mainstream media had its first 21 century actively androgynous Pop Star  who perfectly straddles the line between male and female? Aren’t you ready for some new talent and excitement in today’s pop world?

While building my “Empire” is still a work in progress, one thing I can assure you is that I won’t cease to create. I’m an artist, and I have big dreams and aspirations, and I hope that my journey helps shine a glimpse of hope to people from all over the world and all walks of life who can relate to my story via my art work. I see each human as exactly who they are- a human being- and refuse to be confined by society’s views on their social status, race, age, or sexuality. I want to thank you for your time and friendship. Remember- YOU ARE GOLDEN!! SHINE ON BABY and NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!

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