I was ready to board the plane. After a month and a week from being away from my country, my home, I couldn't wait to arrive at the house in which I grew up in and be in the vicinity of all that I loved. My spirit clamored for it. I proceeded toward my gate only to be informed that my flight had been cancelled due to unprecedented weather conditions. What was I to do now? Although I wasn't prepared for this unfortunate twist, I walked on back towards the airport's entrance, and decided I'd make the best out of this situation. I thought, certainly, the universe must have something it wants me to experience here that I yet had not. I rescheduled my flight and went on down to pick up my luggage from the carousel. I was feeling particularly great and this was certainly not gonna ruin my day. As I walked up to take a seat at a nearby bench, I noticed celebrity star Jeff Lewis walking along the vast corridors. I walked on over, asked kindly if he would mind taking a picture with me to which he responded, "Of course not," and then, continued to fiercely pose as a kind, young man volunteered to snap away. I made small talk and thanked him for his time before going up the escalator and taking a seat near some individuals I had found quite interesting. Their style appealed to me; their energy called me. I sat down and talked to a girl who I later found out was a drummer in a band from San Francisco; her accompanying friend, the bass player. After having had their flight cancelled for a couple of days, they were hoping that tonight would finally be the exception and that they'd actually be on their way towards Cali. We laughed, we talked, and once it was time for them to board, they made their way on down to security. I proceeded to navigate the net via my phone to catch up on news I had missed while being on vacation. Not having to look for a place that offered wi-fi was a relief; unlike in Europe, I now had internet service on my phone. Slowly but surely, my battery life began to dwindle. After dropping down to less then ten percent, I decided it was time to give it a proper resurrection and juice it up, guido style. I went on down towards the carousel area to find a plug, and after finding one, began charging my phone. I sat down, texted friends, watched videos, and read news articles on the web. 


An hour or so passed and all of a sudden, an individual that walked by had caught my eye. He, roughly six feet tall, dirty blond hair, blue eyes, nice lips, nice body, relaxed style, red boxer briefs, and nice bone structure, walked on unaware of me observing him like an eagle. I continued to "read" until he unexpectedly came and sat THREE seats away from me. I HAD to talk to him somehow, but was unsure as to how I'd start the conversation. After thinking about it for a few seconds, I went in for the kill. I asked him if his flight had been cancelled as well to which he nicely responded with a thick accent that no, he was actually waiting for a shuttle that would be transporting him from Newark Airport to Manhattan. I went on and explained to him that I, too, was waiting for a friend of mine to pick me up since my flight had been cancelled. He, unfortunately, was working, so I had no other choice but to sit and wait for him to get out before he'd come and rescue me. At first the idea of sleeping in an airport had seemed quite interesting, but after sitting in those hard, plastic seats and hearing the noise of people constantly walking up and down as the carousels turned frivolously, the once intriguing idea seemed like an uncomfortable choice with which I could not settle. Nonetheless, I patiently waited. I continued to talk to this interesting individual, and explained to him that I had just come back from a trip in Europe and was on my way home. Since he was having trouble hearing me from where he sat, he schooched on closer and sat right next to me. My heart was pounding with excitement! I could clearly see the blue in his eyes and that beautiful smile of his. With his seductive voice he asked me what countries I had visited. I responded that I managed to go to thirteen in one month while showing him a map on my phone detailing the route navigated. Quickly, he pointed out a city - Dachau, Germany- which he informed me was his home town. How could I forget that place? I proceeded to tell him that, indeed, I had been there and visited the concentration camp which had successfully made a few tears slide down my face. When I walked inside, it's like I could feel the lingering sadness; it was still there. I tried to keep the conversation light and fun, and decided to steer away from the gloom, so I quickly changed the subject and asked him what had brought him to NYC. He proceeded to inform me that he had never been to this city before- that it was actually his first time and that he was there on a holiday for a week in which he'd meet up with some friends and tour it all. I told him that I LOVED NY, and that I've found that no other place compared. The truth is, NY feels like a second home. There's an electric energy that I easily gravitate towards and that I love. As we continued to talk, I suddenly got a text from my friend telling me he was on his way. I quickly texted him back assuring him I had no problem waiting thirty minutes to an hour more. He informed me that he was just around the corner and would be there soon. Deep down, I was kind of dreading this. The farewell would come too soon. Throughout this conversation, a natural energy seemed to flow effortlessly between us, and this would be coming to a bittersweet end. It's as if the chemistry became increasingly tangible the more we intermingled. He would stare right in my eyes, and I in his; his smile, so captivating and inviting. I don't know how to explain the energy exchanged between us other than, it was magical. I knew I had to wrap this conversation up and quick. In these ten minutes, I didn't feel I reached a point in our conversation where I felt comfortable enough to ask him for his contact information. Indeed, I wanted to keep in contact with him and was building up to that point, but alas… Since I didn't know his name, I  quickly asked him for it to which he responded Andy- Andy R… I don't remember his last name since it sounded German, and well, it was too difficult to pronounce and thus, remember, but I now knew his name. Suddenly, I got THE text; HE had arrived. I sadly informed Andy that I had to go. As I got up and proceeded to gather my belongings, he looked at me one last time. I still remember that look in his eyes, that sincere smile he wore, and the way he made me feel. He couldn't stop smiling. I shook his hand as I told him I wished him a great trip and that it was VERY nice meeting him. I grabbed my bags and began walking away towards the escalators up to the main floor. I didn't look back. 


I left a little sad at the turn of events, but was happy that I was finally on my way towards some peaceful sleep on a nice, comfortable bed. It all finally made sense- I had to meet him tonight and he had to meet me. I jumped in the car, and thanked my friend for coming for me. He apologized for not coming sooner, and then sped away. The truth of it all is this friend of mine is my ex and although we have a great friendship post breakup, I didn't tell him anything about this guy; I kept it all to myself. Perhaps I'll never see Andy again, but meeting him allowed me to set an energetic blueprint- I want my next relationship to start off like this- effortlessly- with a similar connection, if not more intense than the one I had encountered with him. After this I knew with more clarity the energy I seeked. Although I've been on one date since I arrived, I've yet to feel that connection again, but am hopeful. Tomorrow is another day. No one knows what surprises it holds. I know the perfect person for me is out there, patiently waiting, and that the wait will be worthwhile.


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