1. Language- In high school, I managed to enroll in a French class for three consecutive years and while I did learn quite a bit, unless the language is continuously practiced verbally and manually then one is likely to forget a great percentage of it. Utilizing it in your everyday life is how one can dominate and perfect the pronunciation of any new language, and diving head first into a country that forces one to speak it is ideal. Right from the get go, I noticed that the French language was spoken in a lot of the Moroccan cities where I depended on my Spanish like a crutch. I love a good challenge, and this, I thoroughly enjoyed! Made me feel alive! ^_^

2. Clothes- the Moroccan clothes are very vibrant and colorful. Like I previously mentioned in one of my blogs, YSL had come to this beautiful country for inspiration for one of his earliest collections and I, too, came seeking some great finds. Of course, I found a bit of what I was looking for, and will soon put my little twist to it (as I always do) to give you something visually refreshing like lemonade on a hot summer day.

3. Music- In the evenings at plazas like Jemma Al Fna in Marrakesh, one can enjoy a variety of street performers playing great Moroccan music. It’s electric, vibrant, and extremely festive; you’re bound to find some greatly talented performers of all age groups playing something that will move your bones. 

4. Prices- Everything here is quite inexpensive; your Dollar or Euro will go pretty far particularly the further away you get from Marrakesh. For example, in Fez, I would purchase a foot long, chicken, sub like sandwich from a supermarket for just one dollar and sixty cents. Needless to say, I’d be pretty full for the day.

5. Architecture- The architecture and artwork of the buildings are quite impressive. The detail is impeccable and truly astounding. The colors spread throughout the geometric creations can be appreciated by art lovers of all types; it is a kaleidoscope of colors!

6. Colors- The colors whether in the attire, spices, or artwork, will stimulate your eyes. Perfect for photography and creative endeavors.

7. Spices & Teas- The scent from the spices and teas found in the markets are intense and strong; definitely something to experience.

My favorite moment of this trip was when I was in a friend’s vehicle heading towards my hotel in Fez and a kid, who I thought came to beg for money (you will see this throughout the cities,) said to me, “May God always protect you.” That tugged on my heart strings and I was extremely humbled. The goodness in his heart transmitted through something simple yet beautiful and this touched me deeply. I’ll never forget that.

In short, Morocco is a beautiful country with equally beautiful people. This go round, I really enjoyed diving into its culture. Maybe someday, you’ll get the opportunity to do so too!!! 

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