Beyoncé has always been an entertainer who has captivated millions with her performances. I, for one, LOVED her first album as a solo artist titled “Dangerously in Love.” As years have progressed, her talent, drive, and ambition have evolved into something much greater. The last two albums respectively titled “Beyoncé” & “Lemonade” have recaptured my interest in her musical works and thus, prompted me to purchase a ticket to her Formation Tour. While I knew I was in for a great spectacle, I didn’t know how fantastic it’d actually be.

  • Staging/Production- In the center of the stage stood a white cube approximately 6 stories high where video montages and footage of her performing live on stage would broadcast for the stadium audience to view. The compilations were amazing and the live footage was extremely crisp and clear!! Loved it!
  • Outfits/Fashion- Custom designed attire worn beautifully by Beyoncé complimented her figure and those of her dancers. Lots of diamonds reflecting light. Stunning!
  • Vocals- Her vocals were “FLAWLESS.” Even while she’s dancing, she manages to effortlessly sing the songs without a hiccup. Being an artist myself, I can seriously appreciate her performance. It takes a lot of discipline, and countless hours of rehearsal to get it as perfect as she did. She even sang “Love on Top” acapella. Seriously- amazing!
  • Catalog- Her catalog is quite diverse and has a little bit of everything: sassy, dancy Hip Hop/Rap songs, lovely R&B tunes with great messages, edgy, raw rock influenced tracks, and of course, Pop chart toppers everyone knows.
  • Remixes- The remixes for her well known songs are amazing!! It’s refreshing to hear a different take on them putting a nice little twist to the popular tracks.
  • Artistry- Every artist has a different and unique perspective to offer and share with the world. Beyoncé’s experience in the industry is evident as she has honed her craft and managed to get better with time. She’s released two visual albums, unexpectedly dropped two albums, and broken industry standards by doing things her way (and I LOVE that.) She’s managed to sell millions of records while building an empire off of selling various products like clothes, perfumes, and drinks. Her brand has expanded into something much more ambitious and grand. MAJOR!!
  • Respect- I have so much respect for what she does as a performer. It’s not easy to mount such an amazing spectacle. One can tell that she’s heavily involved in every decision of her tour, and there’s nothing more that I love from an artist (besides transparency, charisma, creativity, and dedication) than passion. I love the passion she has for her craft and respect her ambition and drive.

After viewing her show at the New Orleans Superdome Arena on September 24th, 2016, I really appreciate everything she’s been able to artistically contribute to the world. With over 20 years in the industry, she’s managed to reinvent herself and keep millions interested in her artistry. Great job Beyonce and team; ‘twas a great show! Below is a video compilation of my experience at the show. Check it out! ^_^

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