A last minute decision to attend the Latin Billboard awards would lead me to meet many amazing individuals in the spectacular Sin City show. It all began Wednesday morning as I made my way to the Venetian for conference sessions held in the upper ballrooms. I was originally scheduled to be a seat filler, however, as I walked in all glammed out, I heard the organizer state to one of the assistants that there were no more spots left, so I proceeded to put into play game plan number two. When you’re a freelancer, on the hustle, and eager to learn, falsely claiming to be a correspondent for People in Español is a route that not only makes for a great story, but is one to take; I did not wake up early in the morning, get dolled up, and travel all the way from Dallas to Vegas to be turned away without even trying, so, I prayed a little before approaching the desk hoping that good karma, looking the part, and being respectful would grant me a press badge. I walked across the hallway towards the desk, proceeded to embody the role, and then, informed the staff that I was a journalist who was there to collect information for an article which I was to write (this one right here,) and that I needed to check-in. I provided my name and info and they proceeded to tell me that People hadn’t requested access. I tried to convince them that I was unaware they hadn't sent the information on time and was simply sent to cover the sessions being held today. I attempted to work my way around this issue, but after a while, was told that I needed to purchase a $500.00 badge. There was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I was going to spend that outrageous amount of money for a one-day conference when I already had access to the remaining events. I thanked them and waited to see if any of my colleagues appeared or if, perhaps, someone would have the heart to lend me an extra badge. After about an hour or two of no success, I decided to go back to my hotel. I thanked the people I spoke to, gave them my business card, and walked away a little disappointed, but happy that I had at least tried. I even had my questions ready for the panelists and was hopeful that I’d learn something new from these sessions. Unfortunately, my morning was cut short due to these unforeseen circumstances. My night, however, would be lit as a candle wick! I proceeded to go to Club Drais where I'd meet up with friends to watch Bad Bunny headline. Drinks were pouring, the music was blazing, and after what seemed like FOREVER, we decided to skip the Bad Bunny performance and bar hop with some more friends at about a quarter till one. He was bound to perform the next day at the award show, so it’s not like we’d be missing out on too much. What turned out to be one long, fun night would make waking up early the next morning difficult. 

My attendance at my first ever Latin Billboard awards came Thursday afternoon. I was excited for this new experience and after I arrived, I took photos with people coming up to me requesting one and afterwards, proceeded to take my seat. The Latin Billboard awards in Las Vegas reminded me of how special it is what us artist bring into the world. The message I captured from this experience is: know yourself, recognize your power, and own it. Once the show came to end, my colleagues and I went out to a nearby restaurant to grab a bite to eat before heading out for a night of fun which like the previous one, would, also, run late.

Friday morning finally came, and I was ready to fly back home. It was a short three-day trip, however, I made sure to make the most out of this experience. I met so many amazing individuals and felt grateful for the opportunity given to me. More than anything, this show reassured me of my talents, and that I, too, could one day be performing on that stage, and while I WAS prevented from accessing the conference sessions from the Billboard staff, one thing they won’t be able to stop is my come up on this industry because Ulises is coming.

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