With just a matter of days before the end of an unforgettable year, reminiscing about 2013 almost becomes mandatory. A trip to Europe and South America- two continents I LONG wished to visit- finally manifested. The most important thing I acquired from these trips were the creativity and wealth of insightful knowledge these countries possessed. Those experiences lived have forever changed my life. In effect inspiration whiffled up a desire to create something that reflects upon that in a new body of work I'm currently in the process of creating for 2014. A message from the editorial director Bill Werde of Billboard in which he compliments my singing voice and advises me on my songwriting is a great way to round off the year. Any professional critique I could receive is always welcome, especially from prestigiously insightful and respected individuals like him. This journey as a creative continues to be an adventurous ride, and I assure you, the best of ULISES is still to come. I admit, I am a diamond in the rough, but then again, every major artist was once an unknown. If the natural skills are honed, cultivated, and further developed, then success is unavoidable. It's all a learning process that through determination, hard work, and drive can be achieved. I'm thankful for the independent release of my fifth album this summer- "The Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy;" another stepping stone along my journey. What can you expect from ULISES in 2014? New album & new artistic visuals… I'm determined to make my 6th album the most creative one yet. If you've been around since the beginning, awareness to my craft's continual improvement and evolution through time should come as no surprise. Never stop believing in yourself and what you embody; have faith and work hard towards your dreams. That's my "secret." 2014- not sure what's in store, but I'm ready to give you all of me. I'm determined to work harder than ever to get to where I need to be. To all the people I've met along the way, I'm thankful for your friendship and your time. Know that the exchange of energy we've had has no price. I love you all! Aim for success and nothing less! God bless! 

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