Ep. 21 Twelve Thousands Steps Up


Ready to continue on with our journey? This time we hike twelve hundred steps up the famous Tiger Temple in Krabi, Thailand. What you waiting for? Press play!!! 


Ep. 20 Phuket, Thailand


Beach, strippers and big c**ks? Phuket was one CRAZY city and I LOVED it! Check out my latest Vlog and join me along this journey into Phuket, Thailand. 


Ep. 19 Tiger Kingdom


Tigers have always fascinated me and it wasn't until I went to the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai that I had the opportunity to see them up close and personal. Join me along the journey and experience these huge feline's for the first time with me on Ep. 19 of "Chronicles of a Nomadic Soul." Press play!!!


Ep. 18 Elephants in Chiang Mai


Episode 18 of “Chronicles of a Nomadic Soul” is all about the Elephants! Tag along as we delve deeper into Chiang Mai where we go into an elephant sanctuary and experience the magical jungle of Thailand. Press play!!!!


Chiang Mai, Thailand- Day 1


Ready to continue along this adventure? This go round we go to Chiang Mai, Thailand where we get to go bike riding, get a fish pedicure, and go shopping at the day & night markets. Plus, check out the NEW intro and outro of the video. What are you waiting for... Press play above! Check it out!! 


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