Ep. 16: India- Part 3


On Ep. 16 of Chronicles of a Nomadic Soul, I take you to my last two finals stops in India - Amristar and New Delhi - where we manage to explore the Golden Temple, milk a cow, taste some delicious street food, and finally, go souvenir shopping. Hope you guys have enjoyed this journey through this incredible country of India.


Ep. 15 India- Part 2




On Ep. 15- India Part 2, we'll navigate into Jaipur's amazing Monkey Temple, explore Jodhpur's majestic fort, and taste Thali in Udaipur. This second part journey into India continues here! Check it out!!!


EP. 14 India: Part 1

Ready to embark on a voyage to Asia??? On Ep. 14 of "Chronicles of a Nomadic Soul," I take you along a journey to India where we depart from Chicago and go to both New Delhi and Agra where we get to explore some majestic sites like the Taj Mahal, Mehtab Bagh, Agra/Delhi Fort, and Chini Ka Rauza. Ready to dive into the chaos? =P Press PLAY!! 

Ep. 13- SPAIN!!!


On Episode 13 of Chronicles of a Nomadic Soul, I take you through my party experience in one of my FAVORITE European countries- SPAIN!!!! We visit Malaga, and then make our way over to the capital- MADRID!! I must say- this is perhaps one of the funnest Vlogs I've ever done! Press play!!


Ep. 12. Morocco


On Episode 12 of Chronicles of a Nomadic Soul, I take you through my journey to Morocco where things unexpectedly took a turn for the worse. Warning: this was perhaps the hardest video for me to ever personally edit. Enjoy and remember, be careful!!


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